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Henan Xinxin Silicon Industry Co., Ltd is born in Central Asia and Southeast Asia to visit Xi Jinping has made "The Belt and Road" great strategic vision of historical background, specializing in metallurgical refractory products R and D, production, processing, sales and import and export business.


The company's existing staff of more than 300 people, has the independent import and export qualification, the modernization of the ferrosilicon production plant in China western province of Qinghai, a production base alloy and refractory materials technology leader in the central province of Henan has a long history.

Company main products: Ferrosilicon inoculant and spheroidizing agent (Si mg), pipe mold powder, silicon carbide, silicon carbide (Gao Tan silicon), silicon iron, silicon slag ball, silicon carbon ball, silicon nitride, silicon nitride, ultra pure alloy cored wire and other products.


The company has strong financial strength, advanced production technology and production equipment, inspection equipment complete, perfect quality assurance system, stable and reliable product quality, Anyang iron and steel, Jiangsu steel, Guangxi Liuzhou Iron and steel, Hebei iron and steel and other well-known long-term war of iron and steel enterprises slightly suppliers of raw materials, at the same time, some products are also exported to Japan South Korea, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Middle East, South America and Taiwan and other countries and regions.


The company has always adhered to the "good faith, innovation, mutual benefit and win-win" business philosophy, and is willing to share with the vast number of domestic and overseas customers of China's reform and opening up dividends, and jointly promote world economic prosperity and regional economic cooperation win-win situation.




Domestic trade: Liu Xiaolong  +86-15093925595

Foreign    trade: Gao Lin Feng  +86-18317383692



ADD:No.1401 room, Word trade center, Zhonghua road, Anyang city, Henan, China


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