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Silicon Carbide Alloy

Sic is made of silica sand, coke, wood and other raw materials by resistance furnace smelting at high temperature. It has steady chemical composition, anti-abrasion, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance, shock resistance, good heat conduction and so on. Now SiC produced by China’s industry can be divided into black SiC and green SiC. They are mainly used in four big application fields: functional ceramics, refractories, abrasives and metallurgical raw materials .

SiC is suitable for cupola and electric furnace. As deoxidizer, it is widely used in foundry and steel industry. It can rapidly increase the temperature of molten steel, shorten smelting time, at the same time, it also can play deoxidizing, increasing carbon and silicon, heating up role. It can improve the quality of steel.

Features: It is without dust pollution when used after made into the briquette of SiC. The briquette of SiC has the following characteristics:
  • Increasing carbon and silicon, reducing the consumption of carburant、ferrosilicon and other alloy, saving the cost of per ton steel.
  • AS SiC is oxidized, it can release a large number of heat energy, reduce the cost of electric, lower the cost of production.


  Type Chemical Composition%
SiC98.5 98.5 0.2
SiC98 98 0.3
SiC97 97 0.3
SiC95 95 0.4
SiC90 90 0.6
SiC70 70 3
SiC65 65 5
SiC60 60 10
SiC55 55 10
SiC45 45 12

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