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Nitride Ferro Silicon

Product Description:
The main composition of Ferro Silicon Nitride is Si3N4,along with free iron, no-nitride Ferro Silicon and other mixture. It mainly has two forms:powder and granule. 

1.Nitride ferro silicon powder is an important raw material for the production of tap-hole clay for blast furnaces, has an outstanding feature of sintering-supporting,anti-erosion, low-cost.
2.Nitride ferro silicon granule is used for deoxidation and alloying element as alternative to Fesi, providing nitrogen source with an inexpensive alloy.

Grade Si N Fe Al C
N-FeSi 48-52% 30-33% 12-18% 2.0%max 0.2%max


Packing: 1MT big bag

Product use and features:Silicon nitride is the production of cold rolled silicon steel sheet one-way additive, the product after joining metal melt can obtain good room temperature and low temperature strength, good corrosion resistance, thermal shock and corrosion resistance, silicon nitride is a kind of new refractory raw material, anhydrous stemming for large-scale blast furnace, has the very good openings, helps the sintering, erosion resistance and low cost characteristics.

Parameter index:
Silicon nitride (%) :

N Si Fe O Bulk density (
28-31 47-52 12-17 2.0 3.6


  • The products are applicable to stainless steel smelting, special alloy smelting, special refractory materials, defense industry, electronic industry, casting industry, etc.
  • Adjust ingredients and granularity according to user's requirements.

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