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Pipe Mould Powder

pipe mould powder

Pipe mold powder:Pipe mold powder is a ferrosilicon based composite materials ,the alloying elements and grain size are subject to stringent design and control ,which can effectively reduce the undercooling, inhibit the formation of carbides, slow decay time, sensitive to the size of the casting of small, well consistent with the inoculation effect.

Uses:Pipe mold powder can be conceived to strengthen the role of an instantaneous , while eliminating the outer surface of casting porosity and pinholes. Pipe mold used in the late severe surface cracking. Mold powder in the tube through the addition of some zinc or aluminum ,can help resolve difficult issues extubation, pipe mold powder can play a role in three breeds. And extend the life of the pipe mold .

Size:0-0.1mm water content<0.5%

Component Si Ca Ba Al Mn Zr size
content 63-68 0.7-2.0 0.5-1.3 2.8-4.5 3.0-5.0 -------- 0-0.3mm

Packing :endometrial layer with woven bag,25kg

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