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Advantages of efficient slag remover

There are various kinds of slag removal agents, and the applicable objects are very wide, and different kinds of slag removal agents play an important role in different industries and processes. For all kinds of slag and scale problems in the process of metal processing, slag removal agent provides an efficient solution, which can effectively improve the quality and performance of metal products, reduce production costs and resource waste.
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Silicon barium inoculant component content

The composition content of silicon-barium inoculants usually includes silicon (Si), barium (Ba), calcium (Ca), and aluminum (Al). Specifically, the content of silicon is 68%-72%, the content of barium is 2%-5%, the content of calcium is about 1.5%, and the content of aluminum is between 1-2%. The proportion of these components has an important effect on the performance and use of silica-barium inoculants. Silica-barium inoculant is mainly used in the casting process of nodular cast iron and gray cast iron to promote the formation of graphite balls and refine grains, thereby improving the performance of cast iron.
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Silica-calcium-barium inoculant product functions

Silica-barium calcium-aluminum inoculant strongly increases the graphitized core, refines graphite, promotes A-type graphite in gray cast iron and improves strength. For nodular cast iron can make the graphite ball in nodular iron small, round, improve the nodularity grade.
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Main applications of ferro silicon alloys

An alloy of iron and silicon. Ferro silicon is mainly used as a deoxidizer and alloy additive in steelmaking, and is also used in casting, beneficiation, welding rod, light metal industry and as a reducing agent for smelting certain metals.
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The use of ferro silicon powder in steelmaking

Ferro silicon powder is made of coke, steel chips and silica as raw materials, and is refined into ferro silicon alloy in electric furnace, and then formed by special grinding method.
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Application of silicon calcium cored wire in steelmaking

Calcium-silicon wire is an additive in steelmaking. It is a common calcium-silicon core-coated wire in steel smelting. It is used to integrate into molten steel by specialized wire feeding equipment during steelmaking.
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75 Ferro silicon composition standard

It should be noted that although the silicon content standard of 75 ferro silicon is at least 75%, the silicon content of ferro silicon can vary between 72% and 80% according to the standard. This is very important in understanding and applying the standard of 75 ferro silicon. In addition, the content of other trace elements such as sulfur should also be controlled at a low level to ensure the performance and quality of ferro silicon.
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Silicon manganese 6517 in Chinese market

Silicomanganic 6517 refers to the silicomanganic ferromanganese alloy containing 65% manganese and 17% silicon, silicomanganic alloy refers to the alloy composed of manganese, silicon, iron and a small amount of carbon and other elements, is a kind of iron alloy with a wide range of uses and a large yield.
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Slag remover for casting

The main function of casting slagging agent is to aggregate and bond the slag on the surface of hot metal, which is a convenient product for the slag cleaning treatment work, and also has the effect of covering the surface of hot metal to reduce oxidation, reduce the temperature loss of hot metal and prevent the production of new molten slag.
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The role of iron boron

Iron boron is an additive used in steelmaking that can significantly improve the physical and chemical properties of steel, improving its mechanical properties, wear resistance, non-variable properties and corrosion resistance. Iron boron can also promote the purification of inclusions in molten steel, reduce the adhesion of slag, and improve the efficiency and quality of steelmaking. In addition, iron boron can also reduce the difficulty of hot processing of steel, so that the shape of steel is easier to plastic deformation.
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Silicon ball in Chinese market

Silicon ball is a new type of ferroalloy products, silicon ball manufacturers by different silicon content of silicon powder pressed by the ball equipment, silicon ball as a new metallurgical material is widely used in many industries, especially in the steelmaking industry.
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The role of silicon carbon alloy powder in steelmaking

Silicon carbon alloy powder as a new type of steel deoxidizing agent, can replace ferrosilicon, silicon carbide, carburizing agent. Therefore, in steelmaking, through the use of silicon carbon alloy powder, in addition to achieving a good deoxidation effect, but also reduce the amount of deoxidizer, reduce production costs.
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