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Advantages of silicon carbon balls

Release Time: 2024-03-21
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The silicon carbon ball can achieve the purpose of deoxidation alloying at the same time in the process of steel carburizing, which can reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce environmental pollution and reduce costs. Silicon carbon ball completely replaces the carburizer and deoxidizer silicon aluminum iron added to the bottom of the package or with the steel flow, due to the large proportion of silicon carbon ball, in the form of block can play a deoxidation effect, so that the recovery rate of carbon and its stability is greatly improved, carbon recovery rate is more than 98%; Cost savings; Environmental conditions have been greatly improved, while the labor intensity of workers has been reduced.


Content index of silicon carbon balls

One advantage of silicon carbon balls is that the content can be slightly adjusted, relative to the ferro alloy of ferro silicon, the use of more flexibility, physical and chemical indicators can be adjusted according to the needs of steelmaking, particle size, silicon carbon balls are generally 10~50mm, which provides more convenience in transportation and storage!


Silicon carbon ball production process

Silica powder + adhesive + water, after mixing evenly on the ball press, the pressed ball into the dryer, the dried ball packaging to the steel mill or their own steel mill digestion.


In order to produce qualified silicon carbon balls, adhesive is a very important element.

Requirements for adhesives for the production of silicon carbon balls:

1, the requirement of high strength, ball formation rate of more than 90%, dry strength can reach more than 80kg

2, does not reduce the silicon content, which requires that the adhesive can not contain inorganic components or contain less.

3, some manufacturers require self-heating, no drying, due to the high cost of drying in the past two years, while the government to seize environmental protection, do not let the use of drying equipment. As a result, many manufacturers require no drying, but the existing adhesive that can self-heat with silicon is glass water, which can self-heat and rapidly evaporate water, but will reduce the silicon content, so it is not recommended to use no-drying adhesive.

When the converter smelts medium and high carbon steel, it is generally used to complete the task of carburizing and deoxidizing alloying by adding alloy and carburizing agent in the steel flow or in the bottom of the bale. Compared with silicon carbon ball, this method has many drawbacks. First, because the carburizer is granular, when the carburizer particle size is large, it floats on the surface of the steel, the carbon recovery rate is low, generally 80-90%, the particle size is small, and it is easy to oxidize, carburizing is unstable, and the amount of addition is large, the cost is high, and the working conditions are worsened. Secondly, granular carburizer is easy to cause severe boiling heat loss of molten steel in ladle, which is not conducive to temperature control; In addition, the impurity content of the carburizer is high, and the water absorption is easy to deteriorate the cold drawing performance of the steel, and it is difficult to carry out deep processing; In addition, the carbon content in the steel will be uneven, resulting in carbon segregation.

These will affect the quality of the steel. In addition, in the process of steelmaking often need to deoxidize, before the use of silicon carbon ball steel deoxidize using silicon aluminum iron, carburizing and deoxidizing using a variety of powder and alloy, so that not only workers labor intensity, pollution of the environment, but also increase the cost.


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