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Application of metallic silicon powder in refractory materials

Release Time: 2024-03-18
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The preparation method of metal silicon powder is relatively simple and easy, and the preparation principle is also very simple and easy to understand, that is, after a certain crude silicon powder is dispersed, the inert gas is sent into the plasma arc, and the instant heating makes the coarse silicon powder evaporate into silicon steam at a relatively high temperature, and the silicon steam then enters the cooling zone, is condensed down, and becomes a nanoscale metal silicon powder.


Manufacturing process of metal silicon powder

Metallic silicon powder is produced from silicon ore by crushing, sorting and crushing processes. In general, the manufacturing process of metallic silicon powder can be divided into wet and dry methods. The wet process is mainly carried out by wet grinding and wet screening, which can better control the particle size and distribution of silicon powder, but the process is complicated and the production cost is high. The dry process is through grinding, grading and dry screening to obtain silicon powder, although the process is relatively simple, but the particle size and distribution of silicon powder is not as stable as the wet process. Both processes have advantages and limitations, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate process according to the specific situation in actual production.


What are the applications in refractory materials

Metal silicon powder is widely used in refractory materials. First of all, metallic silicon powder can be used as an important refractory reinforcement agent to improve the strength and fire resistance of refractory materials. For example, in high temperature furnaces, the addition of metallic silicon powder can significantly improve the thermal stability and thermal shock resistance of refractory materials, thereby extending the service life of the material.

Secondly, metal silicon powder can also be used as a filler for refractories, and filling into refractories can increase material density and reduce heat conduction. In addition, metallic silicon powder can also be combined with other additives, such as alumina, silicon carbide, etc., to form composite materials to further improve the performance of refractory materials.


Metallic silicon powder, as a new raw material, is widely used in refractory industry. It plays an important role in the improvement of amorphous refractories.

The performance is as follows:

(1) There are many pores in traditional refractories, and silica fume is filled in the pores, which improves the bulk density and reduces the porosity, and the strength can be significantly enhanced.


(2) Silicon powder has strong activity, can form colloidal particles in water, adding an appropriate amount of dispersant, can enhance the fluidity, thereby improving the pouring performance.


(3) Silicon powder is easy to form a -Si-OH base in water, with strong hydrophilicity and activity, which can enhance the condensation of refractory materials, while greatly improving the high temperature performance, and can extend the service life of refractory products.


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