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How to choose inoculant and nodulator for casting

Release Time: 2024-05-06
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Selection of inoculant:

(1)  Si, Ba, Ca, Al alloys are widely used, and the inoculation effect is very ideal and the amount is small. Barium is a highly active element, low calcium barium silica barium inoculant, graphitization ability is strong, is the first choice of gray cast iron, ductile cast iron, vermicular cast iron castings.


(2)  Advanced deoxidation inoculant, with strong deoxidation effect, and silicification, cost saving, used to prevent stomata and subcutaneous stomata.


(3)  Silicon strontium inoculant does not increase the number of eutectic groups in gray cast iron, but the graphitization effect is good, and the effect of preventing the white mouth of thin wall and uneven thickness castings is significant, so it can prevent the leakage of thin wall and uneven thickness castings (cylinder block and cylinder head).


(4)  High aluminum and low calcium ferric silicon inoculant, the effect of eliminating gray iron white marks is significant. Bismuth-containing ferrosilicon inoculant makes up for the lack of obvious effect of single bismuth addition. Silicon-zirconium inoculant can refine austenitic dendrites and improve the strength of cast iron. Inoculant with manganese can reduce the melting point of multi-component alloy to facilitate diffusion and absorption in liquid iron, and the efficacy of silica-calcium barium-manganese inoculant is particularly prominent in this respect.


(5)  Rare earth inoculants have special effects on reducing the brittleness of white cast iron. For high grade hypoeutectic gray cast iron, it can obviously improve the graphite form, without deliberately reducing the carbon content, but also improve the strength of cast iron, thereby improving the machining performance.


(6)  The inner inoculant block is the most resource-saving treatment method with the best inoculation effect, and the pouring system is equipped with foam ceramic filters, which constitute a combination of the production of high-quality castings. Incubating blocks will be favored by more casting enterprises.


(7)  Specially produced covering agent, pure composition, uniform particle size, more conducive to obtaining stable high-quality casting products.



Selection of spheroidizing agent:


(1)  Magnesium content 4%, 5%, 5.5% belong to low magnesium nodularization agent, RE between 1%-2%, mostly used in medium frequency furnace melting, low sulfur iron liquid nodularization treatment. It has the advantages of slow nodulating reaction and easy absorption of nodulating elements.


(2)  6% and 7% of magnesium content belong to the medium magnesium series spheroidizing agent, which is mostly used in cupola, electric furnace double melting, or medium frequency furnace melting pearlescent cast ductile iron castings. According to the wall thickness of the casting and the sulfur content of the original hot metal, the appropriate amount of nodulating agent is determined. The application range is wide and the nodulating process is broad.


(3)  High magnesium series spheroidizing agent, suitable for cupola melting, sulfur content of 0.06%-0.09% iron liquid, the amount of addition between 1.6%-2.0%.


(4)  Low aluminum nodule agent is used in castings that are easy to produce subcutaneous porosity defects, and castings that have requirements for aluminum content of liquid iron.


(5)  Pure Ce, pure La production of spheroidizing agent, after spheroidizing treatment of iron liquid pure inclusions less, graphite ball round. The nodulating agent produced by yttrium-based heavy rare earth is suitable for large section castings, delaying nodulating decline and preventing block graphite. The spheroidizing agent containing Sb is used for pearlescent ductile iron.


(6)  Low silicon spheroidizing agent is suitable for casting plants that use a large amount of return charge; Nickel-magnesium spheroidizing agent is used for high nickel austenitic nodular iron.


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