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The role of semi coke in ferro alloy production

Release Time: 2024-03-28
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The main raw materials in the production of ferro alloy are iron ore and coke, but because iron ore not only contains iron, but also contains various impurities, it is necessary to add reducing agents to reduce it. In this process, the original coke not only reduces the impurities in the iron ore, but also reduces some of the elements in the alloy. This will not only reduce the quality of the ferro alloy, but also waste a lot of reducing agents. In order to solve this problem, semi coke was introduced in industrial production as a reducing agent to participate in the production of ferro alloys.


The role of orchid charcoal

  • Reducing agent source: semi cokecontains high fixed carbon, it can provide enough reducing agents to participate in the reduction reaction, and help iron from iron ore out. Compared with coke, the reduction reaction efficiency of orchid carbon is higher, which can reduce the production cost.
  • Adjust the alloy composition: Carbon can reduce the elements of iron and alloy at the same time, so the carbon content and silicon content of iron alloy can be effectively controlled. This is not only conducive to improving product quality, but also can be targeted to improve according to the different quality of the alloy.


In metallurgy:

1.Blast furnace injection.

Compared with anthracite, the injection of medium and low temperature anthracite powder has no adverse effect on the blast furnace running, and is beneficial to desulfurization. As long as the ratio of anthracite powder reaches 10%, the cost is more than 30% less than that of anthracite.


2. Iron ore sintering.

Compared with solid fuel (coke powder, coal), semi coke has more suitable particle size, low sulfur content, reduced pollutant emission, increased calorific value and improved efficiency.


3. Blast furnace with coke iron.

The small block metallurgical coke used in blast furnace ironmaking before is sifted from the metallurgical coke with smaller size, and its quantity is limited, and the LAN charcoal instead of small block metallurgical coke is used in blast furnace ironmaking, not only the index is better, but also greatly reduces the production cost.


4. Containing carbon pellet reducing agent.

Compared with anthracite powder and coke powder, the heat consumption of carbon containing carbon pellets in the early reduction stage can be provided by low-quality heat sources, and the gasification performance of carbon powder is better than that of coke powder and anthracite powder, which improves the reduction efficiency.

Chemical industry:

1.Carbon fixed bed gasification.

It is used for fixed-bed gasification to produce syngas, which solves the shortage of local anthracite coal, and embodies the high energy utilization efficiency and remarkable economic benefits of Lan-carbon.


2.Coal water slurry gasification.

The gasification index is ideal, the CO+H2 can reach more than 76%, the specific oxygen consumption is less than 500Nm’/1000KNm3(CO+H2), and the specific raw material consumption is less than 600kg/KNm'(CO+H2). It not only improves the utilization value of orchid foam, but also saves the disposal cost for enterprises.


Carbon materials:

  1. Carburizer.  One of the most important indicators of carburizing agents for raw materials is that the higher the fixed carbon, the better, the lower the sulfur content and less impurities, and the fixed carbon of semi cokeis generally about 85%, sulfur is below 0.3, no impurities, and it is also the best choice for carburizing agents.
  2. Active semi-coke.  The main advantages of preparing active semi-coke with orchid carbon powder are abundant source, low price, simple production process and low cost. The production of active semi-coke has the characteristics of large specific surface area and strong adsorption.


semi coke plays an important role in the production of ferro alloys. The analysis shows that Lanchar can not only improve the efficiency of ferro alloy reduction reaction, reduce the production cost, but also control the composition of ferro alloy and improve the quality of products. It can be said that it is an essential key component of ferro alloy production. The role of semi coke in ferro alloy production.


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