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The role of silicon carbide in steelmaking

Release Time: 2024-02-27
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  1. The application of silicon carbide is through! It has been summarized by decades of experiments and has better results in the steelmaking industry. Because it can prevent the precipitation of carbides, increase the amount of ferrite, reduce the tendency of white mouth, in addition, it can improve and improve mechanical properties.


2. Silicon carbide in steelmaking enterprises can better increase the fluidity, make the molten iron composition stable, prevent segregation phenomenon, in addition, can well reduce the wall thickness sensitivity, make the organization dense, cutting surface smooth, while enhancing the graphite nucleation capacity and increase the graphite core, gradually found that silicon carbide can reduce the rust waste and alloy, reduce the cost of molten iron, Silicon carbide can strongly deoxidize and purify hot metal.


3.  For most casting products, silicon carbide series products can be very good application. Relatively speaking, it is a powerful deoxidizer for ductile iron, which can reduce the amount of nodulating agent and improve the nodulating rate. Silicon carbide can eliminate the oxidation factor of liquid iron, reduce the oxidation of the furnace wall, and extend the life of the furnace wall by 30%.


The advantages of silicon carbide


  1. Improve the hardness and wear resistance of steel

The hardness of silicon carbide is very high, about 3 times the hardness of steel, it can be used as the second phase of steel compounds, so that the carbide in the steel increases, thereby improving the hardness and wear resistance of the steel. In addition, silicon carbide can prevent the oxidation, silicification and vulcanization of the steel surface, thereby improving the corrosion resistance of the steel.

  1. Reduce the brittleness of steel

With the increase of carbon content in steel, the hardness and brittleness of steel will also increase, but when silicon carbide is added to steel, due to the balance optimization of hardness and toughness, the brittleness of steel will be reduced, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the toughness of steel.

  1. Improve the high temperature resistance of steel

Silicon carbide itself has good high temperature resistance, can maintain good stability and mechanical properties under high temperature conditions, and is not easy to rust. Therefore, in the process of high temperature treatment of steel, the addition of silicon carbide can maintain the stability of steel and improve its wear resistance.


What are the advantages of silicon carbide compared with traditional deoxidizers

  1. Good stability: silicon carbide deoxidizer is more stable in physical and chemical properties than traditional silicon powder and toner.


  1. Good deoxidation effect: silicon carbide deoxidation speed is fast, slag formation is early, reduction atmosphere is thick, foam is very rich, can well reduce the oxygen content in steel, to achieve the purpose of liquid steel deoxidation.


  1. Improve the absorption rate of elements: silicon carbide can also effectively improve the absorption rate of elements.


  1. Reduce cost: silicon carbide can replace the more expensive traditional deoxidizer ferrosilicon powder and gold powder to reduce the cost of steelmaking.


  1. Improve the quality of steel: The use of silicon carbide deoxidizer can improve the quality of steel, make the quality of molten steel stable, refine the grain, remove harmful impurities in molten steel.


  1. Environmental protection: The use of silicon carbide can reduce environmental pollution.


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