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The role of silicon carbon balls in steelmaking

Release Time: 2023-12-27
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Silicon carbon ball is a kind of alloy product formed by the combination of silicon and carbon, it is a new type of composite deoxidizer, mainly used in steelmaking production, has the characteristics of deoxidation and carburization. The silicon in the silicon carbon ball can chemically react with oxygen, thus having the effect of deoxidation. The carbon in the silicon carbon ball can increase the carbon content in steel making and effectively improve the various properties of steel.


The main components of silicon carbon balls are: silicon and carbon elements, by pressing silicon carbide or silicon carbon powder into balls, that is, silicon carbon balls. The appearance of silicon carbon ball reduces the cost of steelmaking and casting, and can achieve rapid deoxidation, promote the flow performance of hot metal and graphitization.


Silicon carbon alloy ball plays a huge role in smelting steel, it can effectively remove the oxygen content of molten steel, increase the carbon content of steel, so that the performance of steel is greatly improved. It is mainly used for the diffusion deoxidation of ordinary carbon steel when smelting, shortening the oxygen time, saving energy, low price, improving the efficiency of steelmaking, reducing raw material consumption, reducing environmental pollution, improving working conditions, and having a carburizing effect, which has important value for improving the comprehensive benefit of electric furnace.


The role of silicon carbon balls in different industries

As a steelmaking additive, the corresponding silicon carbon ball is put into the molten steel according to the standard. When the temperature reaches the dissolution standard, the silicon carbon ball is uniformly dissolved in the molten steel. The chemical reaction between silicon and the oxygen element in the molten steel produces silicon dioxide, which is harmless to the molten steel, so that the oxide in the molten steel floats on the surface of the molten steel and is easy to screen, thus improving the purity of the molten steel. Improve the quality of molten steel.


As a inoculant and graphite improvement agent, after the proportion of silicon carbon balls is put into the hot metal, the silicon element is dissolved in the steel water to produce the inoculation effect, greatly increasing the number of eutectic pellets, making the mass ratio of cast iron rise, and the addition of carbon elements can promote the graphite capacity in the casting process, improve the graphite form, reduce the white tendency of cast iron, so as to improve the flow performance of hot metal.


Content index of silicon carbon balls

The content of silicon carbon balls can be slightly adjusted, relative to the ferro alloy of ferro silicon, the use of more flexible, physical and chemical indicators can be adjusted according to the needs of steelmaking, particle size, silicon carbon balls are generally 10~50mm, which provides more convenience in transportation and storage!


Silicon carbon ball production process

Silica powder, adhesive, water, after mixing evenly on the ball press, press into the ball into the dryer, after drying the ball package sent to the steel mill.

Requirements for adhesives for the production of silicon carbon balls:

1, the strength should be high, the pellet formation rate is more than 90%, and the dry strength is more than 80kg;

2, does not reduce the silicon content, requires the adhesive does not contain or contain less inorganic components;

3, due to environmental problems and high drying costs in recent years, many manufacturers require no drying, but the existing adhesive that can heat itself with silicon is glass water, but it will reduce the silicon content.