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Advantages of metallic silicon slag

Release Time: 2024-04-24
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Metal silicon slag is a material produced in the smelting process of metal silicon, because the metal silicon slag also contains a large number of metal silicon and other alloying elements, so it can also be used as a deoxidizing agent, in the deoxidation and purification of molten steel has a good effect, and coupled with the production cost of metal silicon slag is not high as other alloys, so the final price is very suitable. It is a better choice for some steel mills.


Metal silicon slag can also be pressed into another kind of silicon slag ball by pressing machine, which is easier to react with liquid steel than metal silicon slag, avoiding oxidation with air, and metal silicon slag is a cost-effective product.


Particle size packaging

The particle size of metal silicon slag production is mainly powder, the particle size is 0-5 and 0-10, when packaging, you can choose small bag packaging, you can also directly ton bag plus small bag. Silicon balls are produced in standard sizes 10-50. Of course, manufacturers can also customize some indicators according to procurement needs. This requires to choose a larger, well-known, production equipment and workshop manufacturers when purchasing.



Selection method of metal silicon slag


Silicon slag is mainly a kind of ferroalloy products after carbonization treatment, its internal elements to silicon slag (Sic) more, under normal circumstances, the higher the content of silicon slag products, the more green the color, and the lower silicon slag products gray, and silicon slag content in 50% to 90% of the silicon slag hair black, so that we can see the color of silicon slag products when selecting silicon slag, Fast selection of silicon slag by its color.



Recovery rate of metal silicon slag


Silicon slag is a common industrial waste, which is used in many fields such as electronics, photovoltaic, building materials, etc. The recovery rate of silicon slag can reach more than 90%, which is also an important representative of the current industrial waste recycling. The recycling of silicon slag can not only reduce the environmental burden, but also reduce the production cost.



Introduction to processing technology

  1. Heat treatment

Thermal treatment is a traditional way of silicon slag treatment technology, which mainly uses high temperature to calcined silicon slag to remove impurities and improve purity. The advantage of thermal treatment is that valuable metals and non-metals in silicon slag can be recovered at the same time.

  1. Cold treatment

Cold treatment is a silicon slag treatment method with the development of new technology in recent years. Its basic principle is to remove impurities in silicon slag by condensation and filtration at a lower temperature. Compared with the hot treatment, the cold treatment will not produce a lot of exhaust gas, pollution and other problems, and at the same time, the treatment process is more safe and reliable.

  1. Wet treatment

Wet treatment is a conventional method in silicon slag treatment technology. Its basic principle is to convert impurities in silicon slag into soluble substances through chemical reaction, and then extract the target substances through precipitation, filtration and other processes. The wet process can treat the silicon slag more thoroughly, and the recovery rate is relatively high.


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