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How to choose 95 carburizer

Release Time: 2024-04-25
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Carburizer is a chemical additive used to increase the carbon content of metal materials in the metallurgical process. Its main role is to introduce carbon into the metal to change the chemical composition and properties of the metal.


The use of carburizer has the following purposes and functions:


Adjust carbon content:

Carburants are commonly used in the steel smelting process and can be used to increase the carbon content of steel so that it meets specific metallurgical requirements or performance requirements. For mild or medium carbon steels, carburizers can provide an additional carbon source and increase the carbon content in the steel.


Improve material properties:

Carbon is one of the important alloying elements of steel, which can significantly affect the properties of steel. By increasing the carbon content of steel, the hardness, strength, wear resistance and cutting performance of steel can be improved. For example, high carbon steel usually has higher hardness and strength and is suitable for making tools and springs, etc.


Reduce the melting point of steel:

The carbon source in the carburizer can provide additional heat energy during the melting process, which reduces the melting point of the steel and is conducive to smelting operation and process control.


Common carburizing agents include coke, natural graphite, artificial graphite, graphite balls, etc. They are usually added in powder or particle form to molten metal in the furnace. In a high temperature environment, the carbon element in the carburizer will gradually dissolve into the metal liquid, increasing the carbon content of the metal.


It should be noted that the appropriate type and amount of carburizer need to be selected according to the specific smelting requirements and process control when using carburizer. Excessive carbon content may result in poor metal properties, while insufficient carbon content may not meet the required requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the amount of carburizer in the smelting process to ensure that the quality and performance of metal materials meet the requirements.



95 carburizer is a functional material used to increase the carbon content in molten steel, which plays an important role in improving the quality and performance of steel. When choosing 95 carburizer, the following aspects need to be considered:


  1. From the perspective of product structure

95 Carburizer is mainly composed of carbon, but also contains a small amount of other elements, such as silicon, manganese, phosphorus and so on. The content and proportion of these elements will affect the quality and performance of the steel, so it is necessary to pay attention to its composition when selecting.

  1. When selecting 95 carburizer

Need to consider its selection of raw materials and production process. High-quality 95 carburizer should be made of high-quality raw materials and processed through advanced production processes, which can ensure its stability and reliability.

  1. Product advantage is also an important factor in selection.

The high quality 95 carburizer can significantly increase the carbon content of molten steel, and has little influence on the fluctuation of temperature and composition of molten steel, and also can improve the fluidity of molten steel and reduce the inclusion content.


  1. The use scenario is also one of the factors that need to be considered when choosing 95 carburizer

Different steel production processes and specifications have different requirements for carburants, so different models and specifications of carburants need to be selected according to actual needs.


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