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The use of metal silicon slag ball

Release Time: 2024-04-26
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Metal silicon slag ball is a kind of spherical particle made from high temperature slag by crushing, screening, ball milling and other processes. It has a variety of uses, mainly in the following areas:

  1. Metallurgical industry:

The metal silicon slag ball can be used for slag treatment and lining protection in iron and steel smelting, which can improve the temperature distribution in the furnace and the flow of the slag, improve the stability of the slag and smelting efficiency.


  1. Building materials industry:

Metal silicon slag ball can be used as a concrete additive to manufacture high concentration concrete, which can improve the strength, compactness and durability of concrete.


  1. Chemical Industry:

Metal silicon slag ball can be used as catalyst carrier to prepare various catalysts, such as catalytic oxidizer, catalytic hydrogenation agent, etc., with good activity, selectivity and stability.


  1. Environmental protection industry:

Metal silicon slag ball is more and more widely used in the environmental protection industry, can be used to treat sewage, waste gas, etc., can also be used as road hardener, soil amendment and so on.


Environmental protection of silicon slag ball

Although the silicon slag ball has a variety of uses, there are also some environmental problems in the production and use process, mainly including the following aspects:


  • The production process may discharge a large number of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide and pollutants such as wastewater and solid waste.


  • The metal silicon slag ball will slowly decompose during use, producing fine particles, which cause potential harm to the environment and human health.


  • When the silicon slag ball is used as a concrete additive, it may lead to the alkali-aggregate reaction of concrete, affecting the durability of concrete.


To solve these problems, corresponding measures should be taken. For example, energy saving and emission reduction technologies can be used in the production process to reduce pollutant emissions; Protective measures should be adopted during use to avoid the emission of fine particles; In addition to concrete, low-alkalinity cement and high-quality aggregate should be used to reduce the risk of alkali-aggregate reactions.



Sustainable development of metal silicon slag ball

Under the background of increasing environmental awareness, the sustainable development of silicon slag ball has also attracted much attention. At present, many enterprises have taken some measures to achieve the sustainable development of metal silicon slag balls.


  • Starting from the raw material side, optimize raw material selection and furnace temperature control to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


  • Adopt high efficiency and low energy consumption production process to reduce pollutant emissions and energy consumption.


  • Promote the application fields of metal silicon slag balls, and constantly expand new application fields to improve the added value of silicon slag balls.


  • Strengthen the reuse of metal silicon slag balls and life cycle management to achieve the maximum utilization of resources and circular economy.


In summary, as a new type of material, silicon slag ball has a wide range of application prospects, but in the process of use, it is necessary to pay attention to its environmental protection and sustainable development issues, and take corresponding management measures to protect the environment and human health.


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