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What are the properties and functions of metallic silicon

Release Time: 2023-12-14
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Metallic silicon, also known as industrial silicon or crystalline silicon, is a silver-gray color with a metallic luster, and the shape is lumpy and powdery. The content of main component silicon element is about 98%, and the remaining impurities are iron, aluminum, calcium and so on. Silicon metal is mainly used as an alloying agent in aluminum production.

Specification Si Fe Al Ca
553 ≥98.5% ≤0.5% ≤0.5% ≤0.3%
441 ≥99.0% ≤0.4% ≤0.4% ≤0.1%
421 ≥99.2% ≤0.4% ≤0.2% ≤0.1%
3303 ≥99.3% ≤0.3% ≤0.3% ≤0.03%

Production characteristics of metallic silicon

  1. Strong electrical conductivity: metal silicon is an excellent conductive material with good electrical conductivity. It is a semiconductor material whose electrical conductivity can be regulated by controlling the concentration of impurities. Silicon metal is often used to make high-tech products such as electronic components and integrated circuits
  2. High temperature resistance: silicon metal has a high melting point and thermal stability, can maintain its stability and performance in high temperature environment. This makes silicon metal widely used in high-temperature processes and high-temperature applications, such as aerospace, nuclear energy and high-temperature molten metal
  3. Good chemical stability: metal bricks have good corrosion resistance at room temperature and can resist the erosion of most acids, alkalis and solvents. This makes silicon metal widely used in the chemical industry, such as the preparation of chemical reagents, catalysts and preservatives.
  4. Excellent mechanical properties: metal silicon has high hardness and strength, and has good tensile, compressive and bending properties. This makes silicon metal an ideal choice for the manufacture of high-strength structural materials, such as aerospace components, automotive parts and building structures.
  5. Magnetic stability: Metal brick is a non-magnetic material, with good magnetic stability. This makes metal bricks widely used in the field of electromagnetism and magnetism, such as the manufacture of magnetic materials, sensors and electromagnetic devices
  1. Excellent optical performance: metallic silicon has good optical characteristics, with high transmittance and low transmittance.


The use of silicon metal in the alloy industry

Silicon metal has a wide range of uses and is widely used in our daily life and in industry

Silicon metal is made of quartz and coke in the electric furnace smelting products, the content of the main component of silicon element is about 98% (in recent years, containing 99.99% Si content is also known in silicon metal), the remaining impurities are iron, aluminum, calcium and so on


What are the product states of metal silicon

1.Metallic silicon powder

Is metal silicon (industrial silicon) after grinding and processing of powdered silicon powder.


Metal silicon powder is widely used in refractory and powder metallurgy industries to improve the product’s high temperature resistance, wear resistance and oxidation resistance. Its products are widely used in steelmaking furnaces, kilns and kiln utensils

In the metallurgical casting industry, metal silicon powder is used as a non-iron base alloy additive and silicon steel alloy agent to improve the hardenability of steel. Industrial silicon powder can also be used as a reducing agent for some metals, for new ceramic alloys and so on.

Production process flow

High purity silicon powder deep processing industrial silicon powder is processed and purified by physical method. The technology uses ordinary industrial silicon as the production material, ordinary industrial silicon is processed by physical methods, and the automatic operating system is used to control the product to improve the grade, eliminate impurities, maintain the hardness of silicon crystal, and the structure does not change, and produce quasi-high purity silicon powder.

Silicon powder production process: The qualified industrial silicon is cleaned with pure water, broken into small particles, after electromagnetic primary, sent to the first and second stage Raymond mill and ultra-raymond grinding to 200 ~ 400 mesh, adding an appropriate amount of pure water during the grinding process, the grinding silicon liquid, flow into the sedimentation tank for liquid phase deposition, and then add the catalyst with an acid value of 6 to stir for 2 ~ 3 hours to precipitate the impurities in the silicon liquid. After drying, it is crushed by air for electromagnetic separation and screening, and finally enters vacuum packaging through cyclone collection equipment.

2.Metallic silicon ball

Metal silicon ball is a new type of ferro alloy products, silicon ball manufacturers by different silicon content of silicon powder pressed by the ball equipment.

Silicon balls as a new type of metallurgical materials are widely used in many industries, especially in the steelmaking industry, in steelmaking, silicon balls and silicon carbide have the characteristics of fast deoxidation speed, good slag collection, and silicon balls compared with traditional metallurgical materials, the price is lower, in use can often greatly reduce the cost of metallurgy, improve the efficiency of metallurgical manufacturers, Silicon balls are gradually being used instead of metallurgical materials such as ferrosilicon.

Mark Chemical Component%
Si Ca S P w Granularity
silicon ball 50-55 3-8 0.05 0.05 2 100kgf

Metal silicon production process

First, metal silicon production raw materials

The main raw materials of metallic silicon are quartz sand and charcoal, of which quartz sand is the main source of silicon, and charcoal is a reducing agent. In addition, the preparation of metallic silicon also needs to add a small amount of additives and alumina and other materials.


Second, metal silicon preparation process

(1) Preparation

Before the preparation of metallic silicon, a series of preliminary preparations are required. It includes the screening and drying of raw materials such as quartz sand and charcoal, as well as the ratio and pretreatment of the charge.


(2) Charge loading

The prepared quartz sand and charcoal are loaded into the electric furnace according to a certain proportion, and the charge can be fully reduced by controlling the temperature and heating time.


(3) Reduction reaction

At high temperatures, charcoal reacts with the oxides in quartz sand to produce carbon dioxide and silicon. The whole reaction process needs to control the gradual consumption of reducing agents, so as to achieve the conversion of silicon elements.


(4) Temperature treatment

At the end of the reduction reaction, the furnace temperature needs to be raised to a certain temperature for heating treatment. This process contributes to the breakdown of silicon oxide in the product, facilitating the reaction to move forward.


(5) Separation and refining

After the heating treatment, we need to separate and refine the resulting product. This process includes the removal of specific impurities and the improvement of product quality.


Third, technical difficulties and solutions

In the production process of silicon metal, there are some technical difficulties, such as the ratio of charge, the selection of reducing agent, reaction control and so on. In order to solve these problems, we can adopt the following measures:


(1) Optimize the material ratio. By adjusting the proportion of quartz sand and charcoal, and adding appropriate additives, the purity of the product can be improved and the reaction efficiency can be improved.


(2) Optimize reaction conditions. By adjusting the reaction temperature and reaction time, the consumption of reducing agent is controlled to realize the conversion of silicon element.


(3) Introducing new technologies. For example, the use of new technologies such as microwave heating can achieve precise control of reaction temperature and improve product quality and yield.


【 Conclusion 】

Silicon metal is an important chemical raw material, and there are some technical difficulties in its production process. Through the optimization of material ratio, reaction conditions and the introduction of new technologies and other measures, product quality can be improved and output increased, providing an effective solution for the industrial production of metal silicon.

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