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What effect does the compound deoxidizer play in the alloy

Release Time: 2023-12-15
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Efficient composite deoxidizer: It is suitable for various forms of steel deoxidization, especially for converter steel deoxidization. The compound deoxidizer has strong deoxidation and desulphurization effect, can improve the flow performance of molten steel well, and solve the problem of nozzle nodding. Reduce the gas in steel, reduce the inclusion of liquid steel.


The main principle is that the calcium in the high efficiency composite deoxidizer can make the oxide in the molten steel become low melting point and easy to float deoxidation products, purify the liquid steel, in addition, the use of this product is simple, improve the alloy addition rate, can reduce the alloy consumption, reduce the cost of tons of steel raw materials. And improve product quality, its economic and social benefits are remarkable. When used in electric furnace as reduction deoxidation, it can replace silicon powder, silicon, aluminum and barium, which greatly reduces the cost of steelmaking.

Like our commonly used iron silicon, metal silicon, ferro manganese, barium silicon, silicon carbon alloy and silicon slag, they are all composite deoxidizers. Compound deoxidizer is one of the common deoxidizers. Compared with the ordinary deoxidizer, the compound deoxidizer is better, which refers to the deoxidizer containing two or more deoxidizing elements.


Characteristics and functions of compound deoxidizer.

  1. High independent deoxidation efficiency, fast speed. The composite deoxidizer is added to the molten steel in a certain proportion, which can quickly form active and stable white slag, and can meet the final deoxidization requirements without adding other deoxidizing alloys (such as silicon aluminum iron, silicon calcium barium or silicon aluminum barium, etc.).
  2. Improve the yield of alloy, adsorb inclusions and purify molten steel. Due to the high deoxidation efficiency of the composite deoxidizer and the reduction of the alloy powder, it not only has excellent deoxidation and desulfurization functions, but also can make the oxide nodulation, stable adsorption in the slag, and play the metallurgical purpose of purifying the molten steel.
  3. Suitable for a wide range of steel, less dosage, slag viscosity is small, easy to pour slag. The composite deoxidizer is not only suitable for unrefined plain carbon steel, but also suitable for refined low alloy steel, medium and high carbon steel and special alloy steel. At the same time, the refining time can be shortened, and the hit rate and recovery rate of the alloy can be improved. The dosage is generally 1.0-1.5㎏/ ton of steel, the slag is thin, non-stick wall, easy to pour slag.
  4. Composite deoxidizer has low price, convenient transportation, no moisture absorption, no powder, safe use and no inventory hazards.



What are the effects of different types of compound deoxidizers:

Silica-aluminum-iron composite deoxidizer: silica-aluminum-iron composite deoxidizer is a variety used more in some large iron and steel enterprises, and it is also a composite deoxidizer used earlier, which can partially replace pure aluminum. For the deoxidation effect, it should be appropriate to add a little more, which has an adverse effect on the quality of steel;


Silica-barium aluminum-iron composite deoxidizer: The deoxidizer is also another variety used more by some large enterprises. Barium has a strong affinity with oxygen and sulfur, and has a good deoxidation effect. The application results show that the deoxidizing products are easy to float, the inclusions are changed, the liquid steel is purified and the properties of the steel are improved by using the compound deoxidizer containing barium.


New composite deoxidizer: In electric arc furnace, open furnace and converter, including die casting and continuous casting process, sedimentation method and wire feeding method, after deoxidation test under large production conditions, it is found that the new composite deoxidizer formula is new and the effect is good.


The use of alloy products:

  1. The amount of compound deoxidizer added is determined by the carbon content of the final steel. Generally, 1.0-1.5kg/ ton steel is added.
  2. Adding method: directly add the bottom of the bag before steel production,
  3. Add ferromanganese, ferro silicon and aluminum to the steel 1/4 by routine.