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Classification of carburizers

Release Time: 2024-01-12
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Carburizer belongs to additional steel and iron carburizing raw materials. High quality carburizer is an indispensable auxiliary additive in the production of high quality steel. Today’s article will give you a simple analysis of the carburizer.


According to casting use:

Ductile iron carburizer, gray iron carburizer, cast steel carburizer, special carburizer:


1. Ductile iron carburizer generally uses graphitized high carbon and low sulfur products, the basic index requirements are: C> 98.5 S< 0.05; Its main material is graphitized petroleum coke, graphitized electrode and so on. It is also the highest absorption rate and the fastest absorption time among carburants.


2. The main technical difference between gray iron carburizer and ductile iron carburizer lies in the control of sulfur. The general index requirement is S< 0.5 is OK, C content can be selected according to cost control requirements 98.5 95 93 90 and so on. The absorption rate of this kind of carburizer is generally about 85%. Its main materials are non-graphitized petroleum coke, calcined coal and so on.


3.The types of cast steel (steelmaking) carburants are more complex, generally large steel mills will choose a variety of carburants according to different steel grades, but the general material is calcined coal, or graphite balls, and it is also useful for natural graphite broken. Levels range from 75 to 99.


4.Special carburizer is mainly used in brake pad manufacturing, core-wire manufacturing, mostly using 0-0.5 or 0.5-1MM particle size of petroleum coke.

According to the material:

Metallurgical coke carburizer, calcined coal carburizer, petroleum coke carburizer, graphitized carburizer, natural graphite carburizer, composite carburizer:


1.The so-called metallurgical coke carburizer is usually the large coke used in cupola, its role in addition to melting, and is to carburize the metal charge, its indicators are no longer described.


2. Calcined coal carburizer,  The composition is generally C:90-93%,S0.3-0.5. It is mainly used in steelmaking enterprises, and some casting enterprises are used in gray cast iron. The disadvantage is that the carbon content is low, the melting is slow, the energy is wasted, and the residual amount is large.


3. Petroleum coke carburizer,  The composition is generally C:96-99%; S0.3-0.7%. Mainly used in steelmaking, gray cast iron, brake pads, cored wire and so on.


4. Graphitized carburizer, the main material is graphitized petroleum coke and graphitized electrode. The general composition is carbon content > 98-99.5%; sulfur 0.05-0.03. Mainly used for ductile iron. It is characterized by fast absorption, high carbon and low sulfur.


5. Natural graphite carburizer, mainly natural graphite, carbon 65-99, mainly used in steel mills, foundry is not applicable.


6. Composite carburizer, recently on the market there are some artificial stick particles or regular spherical particles carburizer, using graphite powder, coke, petroleum coke and other bottom materials, adding binder with machine molding, carbon is generally between 93-97, sulfur is unstable, generally floating between 0.09-0.7. It is characterized by cheap price, and the disadvantage is that it can not stabilize the amount of addition and control the sulfur content when using.


According to the use of different methods divided into:

Carburizing agent for melting furnace, carburizing agent for holding furnace, carburizing agent for converter, carburizing agent for cupola, carburizing agent in hot metal ladle (with sulfur carburizing agent)


1. Melting furnace with carburizing agent, is the most common casting carburizing agent, no more details.


2. Carburizer for thermal insulation electric furnace, suitable for use in the dual process of cupola – medium frequency electric furnace, requiring low melting point, high absorption rate specifications and materials are different from the type used in 3.1.


3. Converter carburizer is the most common in smelting enterprises, generally using calcined coal, or petroleum coke.


4.Carburizer in cupola, which is used by few enterprises and only used by individual enterprises, is a technical reserve product of Weichai by our company and has been applied in some enterprises in Zhejiang. It is mainly characterized by large particle size and high absorption rate.


5. With the flow of carburizer, is the cupola customers to use an effective means of adding carbon outside the furnace.

Carburizer for brake pads: With high carbon, low sulfur, low nitrogen, less harmful impurities and other excellent characteristics, the product is a new material in the steelmaking industry to improve the process and improve the quality of molten steel, has become the major steel mills in recent years, smelting low nitrogen steel, steel cord, high strength bead wire steel and other production of carbon carburizer is characterized by good carbon absorption effect in liquid iron, no slag return, The use of carburizer can greatly reduce the production cost of castings.


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