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The wide application of silicon slag ball

Release Time: 2024-01-09
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The main raw material of silicon slag ball comes from the slag produced in the production of ferro silicon or silicon metal, which is collected and processed to make usable silicon slag ball, so as to achieve the purpose of saving the cost of steelmaking. It is not a simple smelting product, and the main content of silicon slag ball is silicon, carbon, aluminum and other trace elements.

What are the main components of silicon slag balls?

The main components of silicon slag ball are silica and alumina. Among them, the silica content is as high as more than 85%, while the alumina content is usually between 10% and 15%. In addition, the silicon slag ball also contains a small amount of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and other elements.


The content of silicon slag ball is generally: 30, 40, 50, 60, in most cases, many customers are used in casting instead of ferro silicon to save costs, can also be used in refining pig iron, the effect is very good, can save a lot of costs, is a relatively high economic efficiency of the product.


Silicon slag ball can occasionally be used to replace the use of ferro silicon effect, mainly used for steel slag back smelting pig iron and smelting casting iron, etc., it contains pure silicon and iron, silicon in the silicon slag ball and oxygen in the furnace reaction to generate SiO2 at the same time, release a lot of heat, improve the temperature in the furnace, reduce the use of coke, save a lot of smelting costs, It improves the smelting output and saves the smelting cost, also increases the fluidity of hot metal, is conducive to slag removal, increase the pig iron label, and improve the toughness and machinable cutting ability of cast iron.


Characteristics of silicon slag ball

Silica slag balls have very good compressive strength and are widely used in building materials such as cement and concrete. At the same time, it also has excellent chemical stability and low toxicity, and will not cause serious harm to the environment and human body.

Silicon slag ball treatment technology

It is used to deal with a large amount of silicon slag produced in the process of acid hydrolysis and silicon removal after the alkali melt or sinter in the production of zirconium chemical products.

Specifically, the silicon slag is naturally dried or dried below 110℃, so that its moisture content is below 30% and crushed, and then a certain proportion of water is added to clean, collect the cleaning liquid by concentrating crystallization or neutralizing precipitation with alkaline substances or hydrolyzing precipitation separation to produce zirconium chemical products;

The washed silicon slag is further separated into unreacted zircon sand and used as high quality low iron and low titanium zircon sand raw material. The separated silicon slag is dried and dehydrated, and then crushed to produce silica acid and white carbon black. The above process can effectively treat the silicon slag, produce zirconium chemical products, silicic acid or white carbon black and recover zircon sand, and transform the silicon slag ball into a product of high value, so that the harmful waste can be treated and utilized.


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