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What is the role of silicon manganese ball in steelmaking

Release Time: 2024-01-30
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Silicon manganese ball is composed of manganese, silicon, iron and other elements, containing a small amount of carbon and other alloys. Widely used in steelmaking industry, can effectively reduce the production cost of tons of steel; It has become the first choice to reduce the production cost of tons of steel in the steelmaking industry.


The three characteristics of silicon manganese ball:

First, the particle size is consistent, which increases the loss, labor, electricity and transportation of all silicon manganese natural block crushing in steelmaking.

Second, the product has average particle size, accurate feeding, good deoxidation effect, prolonging the deoxidation process, saving energy, improving steelmaking efficiency, improving quality and reducing the cost of raw and auxiliary materials, high recovery rate, and increasing labor intensity.

Third, melting speed is fast, division average, reduce power consumption. Silicon manganese alloy is used as alloying agent, compound deoxidizer and desulfurizer in steelmaking industry and casting industry.


Silicon manganese as an alloying element in liquid steel to alloyed steel, thereby improving the mechanical properties of steel, adding steel strength, hardness, ductility, toughness and wear resistance, so manganese is an indispensable element in steel consumption, almost all steel contains a certain amount of manganese.


The addition of silicon manganese in iron making can improve the physical and mechanical properties of cast parts, and can add the strength and wear resistance of castings.


Silicon manganese ball how to choose

  1. Appearance inspection: the surface of high quality silicon manganese ball should be smooth, no pores, cracks and other defects; Uniform color, no slag inclusion; There should be no peeling phenomenon.
  2. Dimensional accuracy: When purchasing, it is necessary to check whether the size of the silicon manganese ball meets the requirements, and the error should be within the standard range.
  3. Component testing: Regular silicon manganese ball manufacturers will provide component testing reports to prove that the main components such as silicon content and manganese content meet the requirements.
  4. Hardness testing: the hardness of silicon manganese ball should meet the requirements of use, generally using a hardness tester for testing, hardness is too high or too low will affect its wear resistance.
  5. Impact resistance: Through the impact test under simulated working conditions, the impact resistance of silicon manganese ball can be detected, which is also an important indicator when choosing.


The production process of silicon manganese ball is as follows:

  1. Raw material preparation: The main raw materials of silicon manganese ball are high purity silicon and manganese. These materials are generally available in powder or bulk form. Before production, raw materials need to be screened, cleaned and dried and other pretreatment processes to ensure the purity and quality of raw materials.


  1. Alloy furnace melting: the pre-treated silicon and manganese and other raw materials are put into the alloy furnace for melting in a certain proportion. Alloy furnaces usually use high temperature equipment such as electric arc furnaces or inductance furnaces. Through high temperature melting, the raw material is quickly melted and mixed evenly to form an alloy molten liquid.


  1. Casting molding: After melting, the alloy molten liquid is poured into the mold by casting molding to form the primary molding of silicon manganese ball.


  1. Cooling treatment: The silicon manganese ball after casting needs to be cooled to make it quickly solidify and cure. Cooling treatment can be used by air natural cooling or water quenching, the specific method depends on the production requirements and the application of silicon manganese balls.

The application of silicon manganese ball is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  1. Iron and steel metallurgy: silicon manganese ball as an important alloy additive in iron and steel metallurgy, can effectively adjust the composition and performance of steel. It can improve the hardness, strength and wear resistance of steel, and has the effect of anti-oxidation, desulphurization and anti-corrosion, and is widely used in the steel production process.


  1. Stainless steel manufacturing: silicon manganese balls also play an important role in stainless steel manufacturing. By adding silicon manganese balls, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel can be improved, the stability and ductility of the alloy can be increased, and it has higher strength and toughness.


  1. Casting industry: silicon manganese ball as alloy material, widely used in the casting industry. It can improve the hardness and strength of castings, reduce the production of shrinkage holes and pores, and improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of castings.


  1. Chemical industry: silicon manganese balls can also be used in certain production processes in the chemical industry, such as organic synthesis and catalytic reactions. It can be used as a catalyst to promote the chemical reaction, improve the reaction efficiency and product purity.


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