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What is the role of high carbon silicon in the metallurgical industry?

Release Time: 2023-12-18
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High-carbon silicon is a new metallurgical material through the rapid development of the metallurgical industry, its price is cheaper than the traditional metallurgical materials, but can replace the traditional ferro silicon, silicon carbide and other metallurgical materials used, has been used for a long time by steel manufacturers to replace the use of ferro silicon and other metallurgical materials. High-carbon silicon metal comes from the leftover material from the production of silicon metal and clumps at the bottom of the furnace. The elemental silicon content is usually between 40-70% and the carbon content is 10-25%. High-carbon silicon is often used as a low-cost alternative to ferro silicon, silicon carbide and carburizers, which can reduce steelmaking costs.


It has the characteristics of high density and high purity, for non-polluting liquid steel, has the advantages of high recovery rate and stable effect, can replace ferro silicon, silicon carbide and carburizer, etc., can reduce the amount of deoxidizer, the overall operation is simple, good performance.


What are the characteristics of high-carbon silicon?

1: High carbon alloy is a good product of ferro silicon in steel production, which has the advantages of reducing production costs and resource reuse.

2: High carbon silicon is a kind of silicon briquette with broad market prospects.

3: High carbon silicon is used as a deoxidizer in steelmaking to reduce the oxygen content in the melt through the reaction.

4: High carbon silicon can be processed into balls, powders or particles according to customer requirements.

5: High carbon silicon density, high purity, no pollution to molten steel.

6: High carbon silicon can improve the quality of liquid steel, improve the quality and performance of steel.




What is the processing method using high-carbon silicon?

(1) The addition method is mainly manual input into the ladle.

(2) Before adding the steel, put 1/2 into the ladle. Once the steel is out, put in the remaining half. Then alloying is carried out according to the regulations.

(3) The amount of high-carbon silicon is added according to the amount of one kilogram per ton of steel. Aluminum consumption decreased from 1kg/T steel to 0.3kg/T steel; Calcium silicon is no longer used, and the amount of ferro silicon and ferromanganese can be reduced from the upper limit to the middle limit.



What are the overall advantages of high-carbon silicon?

The advantage and positive effect of high carbon silicon is that the deoxidizer performance is good. The production cost is low, and the traditional deoxidation alloying process can be divided into two steps: deoxidation and alloying. When deoxidizing, completely rely on deoxidizer to achieve; The use of alloys is merely alloying, and no longer assumes the responsibility of deoxidation. In this way, the responsibility is clear, not only can greatly improve the yield of the alloy, save a lot of energy and alloy, but also can make the deoxidation and alloying process more simplified and standardized, for the automatic control of the steelmaking process, outside the furnace refining and other operations, provide conditions, greatly reduce the cost of steelmaking.


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