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Detailed parameters of ferro silicon particles

Release Time: 2023-12-19
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Ferro silicon particles are an important metallurgical raw material, which is prepared by quartz, coke and hot metal. The silicon and iron content in ferro silicon particles is relatively high, the silicon content reaches 45-95%, and the iron content is 40-70%. The main use of ferro silicon pellets is as a reducing agent and alloy additive in the metallurgical industry. In addition, it is also widely used in chemical and material fields.


Advantages of ferro silicon particles:

(1) uniform composition, small segregation;


(2) Uniform particle size, no fine powder, stable inoculation effect;


(3) The tendency to produce slag is also small;


(4)Have the characteristics of other inoculants and lower cost;


(5) Although the inoculation effect is not better than silicon barium, silicon strontium, silicon zirconium and other composite inoculants, the inoculation retention time is not inferior, and even longer than some types of inoculants;

(6) Reduce the white gap in the structure, improve the uniformity of the cross section, promote the A-type graphite, increase the number of eutectic clusters, and reduce segregation;


(7) Performance to improve strength, increase toughness.



The amount of ferro silicon particles added

The amount of iron silicon particles used in the actual production process should be determined according to the actual situation, and the ratio of raw materials, target composition requirements, product quality requirements, etc., should be adjusted according to the actual situation. In general:


(1) The amount of silicon particles added to gray cast iron is 0.2~0.5%;

(2) For nodular cast iron, the amount of silicon particles is generally 0.5~0.8%;


Common ferro silicon particle models and their content ranges:

75 ferro silicon particles: silicon content 75%, ferro content 25%

72 ferro silicon particles: silicon content 72%, ferro content 28%

70 ferro silicon particles: silicon content 70%, ferro content 30%

65 ferro silicon particles: silicon content 65%, ferro content 35%

60 ferro silicon particles: silicon content 60%, ferro content 40%

45 ferro silicon particles: silicon content 45%, ferro content 55%


The effect of ferro silicon particles on production

Ferro silicon particles are good sources of silicon in the actual production process. It can also be used partly instead of expensive inoculants; Effectively reduce the cost of production and smelting, improve the efficiency of manufacturers.

  1. In the metallurgical industry, ferrosilicon particles are mainly used as reducing agents and alloy additives. The silicon in the iron silicon particles can reduce coke, oxides and metal oxides, and can improve the deoxidation effect of iron, thus playing an important role in the metallurgical process.
  2. In the chemical industry, iron silicon particles can be used as fluxes and catalysts for the production of silicone hydride, methylsilicate and other silicone compounds.
  3. In the field of materials, ferro silicon particles can be used to produce special materials such as silicon steel, ferro silicon alloy and silicon aluminum alloy, which are widely used in electronics, metallurgy, machinery and other fields.

In short, ferro silicon is a very important metallurgical raw materials and chemical materials, in many fields have a wide range of applications. Different types of ferro silicon particles have different silicon content and iron content ranges, and different types of ferro silicon particles can be selected according to the specific use.



Specifications and packaging of ferro silicon granules:

Size: granular (0.2-0.8mm / 1-3mm / 3-8mm / 8-15mm) or customized according to customer requirements.

Packaging: Can be packaged according to customer requirements. Commonly used packaging for 20kg/bag, 25kg/bag, 100kg/bag, 1000kg/bag, tons of bags can be wrapped film, can be added to the tray.


Can ferro silicon particles be used as inoculants?

We all know that we will add some auxiliary materials in the casting process, such as carburizer, pretreatment agent, nodulator and so on. And can silicon iron particles also be added? In fact, the iron silicon particles belong to a kind of inoculant, the iron silicon broken into a certain proportion of fine particles and filtered through a certain number of mesh sieve sieve to form the iron silicon particles, in simple terms, the iron silicon particles are by the iron silicon natural block and standard block in accordance with a variety of different particle size broken and screened out of small particles.



What are the particle size requirements of ferro silicon

First:The size range of ferro silicon

Ferro silicon, which is produced by carbon reduction reaction of hearthite at high temperature, is an important ferro alloy material, which is widely used in iron and steel metallurgy, casting, refractory and other fields. According to different uses, the particle size requirements of ferro silicon are also different:

  1. Ferro silicon powder: the particle size is generally below 100 mesh, that is, the particle diameter is less than 149 microns. It is mainly used as an additive such as binder or deoxidizer.
  2. Iron silicon particles: the particle size is generally 10-60 mm, mainly used as casting materials.
  3. Ferro silicon powder: the particle size is generally below 400 mesh, mainly used as iron and steel metallurgy additives.


Second:Ferro silicon particle size requirements

The requirements of ferro silicon particle size are mainly controlled in the following ranges:

  1. The particle size should be as consistent as possible for processing and use.
  2. Avoid too large or too small particles, affecting the dissolution rate and deoxidation effect of ferro silicon in hot metal.
  3. The particle size distribution of ferrosilicon powder should be uniform, and too many large particles or too many fine particles should not appear.
  4. There should be no cracks, inclusions and other defects on the surface and inside of ferro silicon particles, otherwise it will affect the quality of the finished product of ferro silicon.


In short, the requirements of ferro silicon particle size are closely related to the field of use, and different uses require different ferro silicon particle size and particle size distribution. For processing manufacturers, it is very important to choose the right ferro silicon material, and the ferro silicon material with uniform particle size and stable quality should be selected.


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