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The difference between silicon barium inoculant and ferro silicon inoculant

Release Time: 2024-03-01
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Inoculant is a very important metallurgical material, inoculant according to the composition and use of different classification methods, according to the composition of the classification, inoculant is divided into ferro silicon inoculant, silicon barium inoculant, rare earth inoculant, carbon inoculant.

Among them, ferric silicon inoculant and barium silicon inoculant are two common inoculants, what is the difference between these two inoculants:


The difference in use

Because of the different index content of ferro silicon inoculant, the use value and market price are not the same. The inoculation treatment effect of 45FeSi inocturant is poor, and the use cost of 85FeSi is too high, so 75FeSi and 72FeSi are commonly used as inocturants in steel mills. The Ca and Al in ferro silicon have a great influence on the inoculation effect, of which Ca has a greater influence and has a strong graphite capacity when it is greater than 0.5%. The aluminum content of 75 ferrosilicon is 1.5%, and the aluminum content of 72 ferrosilicon is 2%.


Silica-barium inoculant is mainly used in gray cast iron and nodular cast iron production, silica-barium inoculant used in nodular cast iron can increase the number of graphite spheres; The application of gray cast iron can reduce white tendency, refine grain, promote graphitization and improve graphite morphology. Silica-barium inoculants can improve mechanical properties, as well as strong anti-decay ability, silica-barium inoculants used as inoculants are mostly between 2-4% barium content, silica-barium inoculants are generally 0.2-0.8mm with flow inoculants, 1-3mm and 3-8mm particle sizes.

Silica-barium inoculant is generally used in the production of large steel castings and ductile iron castings, which can improve the heat treatment temperature and surface quality, and reduce the shrinkage porosity and error.

The inoculant of ferro silicon is mainly used in casting production, which can play a role in adjusting the casting structure and improving the casting performance.


The difference in composition

The composition of silicon-barium inoculant and ferro silicon inoculant is also different.

Silica-barium inoculants mainly contain silicon, barium and other elements, of which the content of silicon is generally about 50%-60%, and the content of barium is about 30%-40%.

The ferric silicon inoculant mainly contains silicon, iron and other elements, of which the content of silicon is generally about 20%-30%, and the content of iron is about 60%-70%.

The main function and application of inoculant in cast iron

The role of inoculant:

Gray cast iron without inoculation treatment has unstable microstructure, low mechanical properties and white marks on the thin wall of castings. In order to ensure the consistency of casting quality, inoculation treatment is essential;


The inoculant used in the inoculation treatment of cast iron has a small amount of addition, which has little effect on the chemical composition of cast iron, but has a great effect on its microstructure. The mechanical properties of gray cast iron are largely determined by its microstructure, so it can improve the mechanical properties of gray cast iron and also has a significant impact on its physical properties.


Good incubation treatment has the following effects:

  1. Can eliminate or reduce white mouth tendency; And avoid the appearance of supercooled tissue;
  2. Inoculant can reduce the wall thickness sensitivity of cast iron parts to a certain extent, so that the difference in microstructure and hardness of thin and thick sections of castings is small;
  3. It is beneficial to eutectic cluster nucleation and increase the number of eutectic clusters; At the same time, the form of graphite in cast iron is mainly fine and evenly distributed A-type graphite, so as to improve the mechanical properties of cast iron.

The flow of well-bred cast iron is better, the shrinkage of castings is reduced, the processing performance is improved, and the residual stress is reduced.


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