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How to judge the advantages and disadvantages of slag removal agent

Release Time: 2024-02-29
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In the casting production, in order to prolong the solidification time of the metal liquid in the riser, it is necessary to cover the surface of the metal liquid in the riser, and this material is collectively referred to as the slag removal covering agent. It is a kind of high efficiency slagging and condensing slag product, and has excellent thermal insulation and covering function. Its main raw materials are volcanic silicate minerals, which are specially processed and applied to slag removal, slag retaining and thermal insulation covering in the casting process.



The role of slag remover

Slagging agent can be used in the smelting process of cast iron, cast steel and copper-nickel base alloy, etc. It can also adjust the difficult soluble slag formed in the smelting process, and make it condense into a thick and suitable plastic slag layer. Thus, the slag formed in the smelting process can be cleaned conveniently, completely and cleanly. It can avoid slag inclusion in castings, reduce the scrap rate of castings, improve the utilization rate of smelted metal, improve the quality of castings, reduce energy consumption, shorten the operation cycle, and facilitate operation. It is one of the materials that will 偹 in the production process of casting enterprises.

Determination of slag removal agent

The performance of slag agent is reflected in the slag removal effect, usage, dosage, iron loss and other aspects:

1, slag removal agent into the ladle must have a certain viscosity, can accumulate slag piles, has a certain strength, convenient to remove or pick out the slag at a time, save the slagging time (about 12 seconds, reduce power loss (electric furnace and temperature reduction (cupola ladle)

2, the use of simple, do not need to deliberately spread evenly

3, dosage: at present, the minimum dosage is 2 to 3 kilograms of slag removal agent per ton of hot metal;

4, binding iron loss: hot metal with slag stripping more loss, good slag removal agent per ton of hot metal can make the iron loss at about 1 kg

5, rapid response, a certain expansion, rapid projection, no need to stir

6, does not contain substances that change the composition of hot metal, to avoid affecting the performance of cast iron

7, slag removal agent does not raise dust, improve the working environment, does not contain toxic substances, reduce the risk of occupational diseases.

8, after the iron slag is cold, the slag is brittle, which is easy to recover the wrapped iron.


Advantages of slag removal agent

The slag remover has good slag catching performance. An active material that expands at high temperatures to form a viscous porous structure when spread on a liquid metal surface. It can adsorb inclusions in liquid metal and form a thin shell to achieve the effect of slag collection and slag removal. It is beneficial to the purification of molten steel and molten iron and improve the quality of castings.


Slag removal agent is mainly used in the smelting of cast steel, cast iron, alloy steel, special steel and non-ferrous castings. Slagging is an important process operation in the refining process. The use of high efficiency slagging agent in pouring ladle, crucible furnace, reverberatory furnace and electric furnace can make the slag quickly gather into the slag shell which is easy to separate from the metal molten liquid, so as to facilitate clean slagging and ensure the cleanliness of the molten liquid.


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