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What is the role of silicon barium alloy in the metallurgical casting industry

Release Time: 2023-12-13
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Silicon-barium alloy is an iron alloy with high activity. Adding in steelmaking can reduce the occurrence of smoke and flame, change the nature and distribution of non-metallic inclusions in steel, improve the cutting performance of metal, used in casting production, showing better resistance to decay and reduce the sensitivity of cross section, is a long-term and efficient inoculant in cast iron production. The use of silicon-barium alloy is better and more economical than the use of pure aluminum, ferrosilicon, calcium silicon and other single alloys. Silicon-barium alloys are also very advantageous in the production of ferroalloys.


The role of silicon barium alloy in production

Silicon barium alloy is used in various grades of gray iron castings and nodular castings, especially for large thick wall parts, uneven wall thickness parts and small wall cooling parts. It is also used for workshops with long pouring time and long transportation distance, and it can also be used for creep iron, in addition to inoculation and auxiliary creep.

In addition, silicon barium alloy also has good practical effects, as a inoculant has a good effect, can replace the use of ferrosilicon alloy, in the industrial production and development process, occupies a more important position. Therefore, the industry attaches great importance to the production and development of this product, and then better ensure that the product can play a greater practical value.


1, inoculant is suitable for gray cast iron and nodular cast iron, can promote the formation of “A” type graphite and graphite ball integrity.

2, can be nucleated in a wide temperature range, spheroidizing ability and strong anti-recession ability, can effectively prevent the casting white mouth tendency.

3, the deoxidation effect is more thorough, better than other deoxidation alloying agents, the amount of addition is 35-50% of 75# ferro silicon.


Steel making:

1, containing barium 10%-35% of silicon barium alloy used in steel deoxidation, high utilization rate, strong desulfurization ability, better than silicon calcium alloy.

2, after the addition of silicon barium alloy, the nature and distribution characteristics of non-metallic inclusions in steel can be significantly changed.

3, the appropriate amount of silicon barium alloy in the steel can improve the plasticity and toughness at high and low temperatures, silicon barium iron is the most effective for improving the cold resistance of steel.


Silicon-barium alloy chemical component%
Ba Si Al Mn C P S
feba30si35 30.0 35.0 3.0 0.40 0.30 0.04 0.04
feba25si40 25.0 40.0 3.0 0.40 0.30 0.04 0.04
feba20si45 20.0 45.0 3.0 0.40 0.30 0.04 0.04
feba15si50 15.0 50.0 3.0 0.40 0.30 0.04 0.04
feba10si55 10.0 55.0 3.0 0.40 0.20 0.04 0.04
feba5si60 5.0 60.0 3.0 0.40 0.20 0.04 0.04
feba2si65 2.0 65.0 3.0 0.40 0.20 0.04 0.04

Physical state of silicon barium alloy


Silicon-barium alloy delivery particle size is 10mm-100mm, of which less than 10mm does not exceed 8% of the total; The amount larger than 100mm shall not exceed 5% of the total amount.


2.The demander has special requirements on the particle size, which shall be agreed by both parties.


3.The surface of the product is clean, and there should be no obvious non-metallic inclusions.


Packing specification

The silicon barium alloy products are packed in bags or iron drums, which must be lined with moisture-proof bags. The net weight of each piece is 50kg.


Storage and transportation

Products should be stored in the warehouse, and pay attention to ventilation and moisture, to use a caravan when shipping. Water seepage and other debris are strictly prohibited.

The preparation process of silicon barium

The preparation process of silica barium includes the steps of raw material preparation, mixing, sintering, grinding and screening

Step 1:Raw material preparation

The main raw materials of silica barium are silica powder and barium carbonate. Silica powder should be selected with high purity silica powder, and barium carbonate should also be selected with high purity specifications. In the process of raw material preparation, attention should be paid to avoid other impurities to ensure the purity of silicon barium.

Step 2 :Mix

The silica powder and barium carbonate are mixed evenly according to a certain proportion, which can be mixed by dry method or wet method. Dry mixing is the mixing of silica powder and barium carbonate into the ball mill, and wet mixing is the mixing of silica powder and barium carbonate dissolved in water.

Step 3: Sintering

The mixed silica barium powder is put into the sintering furnace for sintering. Sintering temperature is generally about 1300 degrees Celsius; The sintering time is determined according to the sintering temperature and the particle size of the silica-barium powder, and the sintered silica-barium block should have a certain strength and density.

Step 4 :Grind

The sintered silica barium block can be ground by a ball mill or a grinding machine. The powder hardness after grinding has a certain particle size and uniformity.

Step 5:Sieve

Silica barium powder with different particle size can be obtained by sifting the ground powder. Customers can choose silica barium powder according to different particle size requirements.


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