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The use of manganese nitride in alloys

Release Time: 2023-12-12
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The use of manganese nitride in alloys

The research of manganese nitride intermediate alloy products has important practical significance and economic value for manganese metal deep processing industry. Due to the various functions of manganese and nitrogen, it is necessary to add manganese and nitrogen at the same time when refining high-strength steel, stainless steel and heat-resistant steel. When manganese and nitrogen are added in the form of elemental elements, there are some disadvantages, such as low solubility of nitrogen, low density, difficult to add and difficult to control the amount of nitrogen. However, when added in the form of nitrogen and manganese compounds, it is not only easy to be added, but also the utilization rate of manganese and nitrogen is high, so it is of great significance to study the preparation process of manganese nitride.

Manganese Nitride Metal
Spec Mn:85-90%min N:6-7%min
C:0.05-0.1%max S:0.05%max
P:0.05%max Si:0.8%max
Size In Flaks
Packing In Big Bags of 1000kg net  each

Manganese in steelmaking mainly plays the role of deoxidation, deammonia and alloying. The presence of manganese can eliminate or weaken the hot brittleness caused by sulfur, thereby improving the hot working heat of steel. Manganese and iron form a solid solution, improve the hardness and strength of ferrite and austenite in steel, manganese is also a forming element of carbide, into the carburization to replace a part of the iron atom. Manganese reduces the critical conversion temperature in steel and refines the strength of pearlitic crystalline steel.

The purpose of ferro manganese nitride is to use ferromanganese nitride as an alloy additive for nitrogen and manganese, which is mainly used in the production of high-strength steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and automotive, shipbuilding, aviation industry materials. The content of manganese in ordinary carbon steel is about 0.3% to 0.8%. Excessive content makes the steel brittle and hard, and reduces the rust resistance and weldability of the steel. Nitrogen energy is partly used in iron, which has the effect of solid solution strengthening and improving hardenability, but it is not significant. Manganese metal nitride can replace some nickel and thus reduce costs. Manganese is a weak deoxidizer. Appropriate amount of manganese can effectively improve the strength of steel, remove the influence of sulfur and oxygen on the hot brittleness of steel, improve the hot working performance of steel, and improve the cold brittleness tendency of steel, while not significantly reduce the plasticity and impact toughness of steel.


Production process flow

Manganese nitride is sintered by vacuum resistance furnace. In the process of sintering by vacuum resistance furnace, nitrogen obtains part of energy and becomes monatomic nitrogen, which is alloyed with manganese crystal in solid solution. This kind of solid solution is mainly interstitial-solid solution, and manganese and nitrogen are respectively valence zero to produce manganese nitrogen alloy. After further heating, nitrogen and manganese obtain enough energy to become ionic states and form nitrides. On the other hand, manganese and nitrogen undergo solid solution intercrystalline alloying when they continue to undergo solid solution, which is mainly replaced by solid solution, thus forming manganese nitride.

Characteristics of manganese nitride production process.

  1. High purity manganese nitride is produced by electrolysis of manganese metal by solid nitriding method which combines liquid ammonia and nitrogen as nitrogen source. Excellent quality, can effectively meet the production of 200 series stainless steel additive nitrogen needs.
  2. Adopt a new process of high temperature sintering to reduce the trouble caused by nitriding bonding and dewaxing of ball valves, and reduce equipment investment and production costs.
  3. Effective use of the active nitrogen atoms generated by ammonia decomposition and the active hydrogen and oxygen atomic energy generated by decomposition to effectively remove the nitride on the surface of manganese metal particles, significantly improving the speed of solid nitriding product quality.
  4. Electrolytic manganese nitride products exist in the form of compounds, manganese nitrogen adsorption is mainly chemical adsorption, less physical adsorbent, nitrogen is not easy to lose, stable structure, manganese nitride can be preserved for a long time.
  5. For the ordinary vacuum resistance furnace design improvement, design suitable for production, simple structure, better economic special production equipment.


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