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Application of silicon calcium cored wire in steelmaking

Release Time: 2024-04-12
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Calcium-silicon wire is an additive in steelmaking. It is a common calcium-silicon core-coated wire in steel smelting. It is used to integrate into molten steel by specialized wire feeding equipment during steelmaking. The use of silicon calcium wire is conducive to adjusting and controlling the content of easily oxidized elements and trace elements, which can greatly improve the yield of alloy, reduce the smelting cost, shorten the smelting time, accurately control the composition, play a role in purifying liquid steel and changing the properties and forms of some inclusions, improve the casting state, and improve the quality of molten steel.


The application of silicon calcium coated core wire can avoid adding other impurities when feeding, and the content of silicon calcium in this silicon calcium wire is more, which can react with oxygen and other harmful elements in the liquid steel when in use, so as to remove it, which is also of great help for the purification of the liquid steel. The role of silicon calcium wire in steelmaking is not only to remove impurities so simple, in order to deepen our understanding of silicon calcium wire, take a look at its role.


The main raw material of calcium silicate cored wire is calcium silicate powder, which is used as the core material and the outer skin is steel skin, which is pressed by the wire pressing machine. It can be used in steelmaking to purify the form of steel inclusions, improve the castability of molten steel, improve the service performance of steel, and significantly increase the yield of alloy, reduce alloy consumption, reduce steelmaking costs, and have significant economic benefits.


Molten steel in the smelting, refining process will produce a large number of oxides or deoxidation products, these oxides if not removed will have a fatal impact on the inherent quality of steel, so feed calcium line into the liquid steel, using the strong reduction of Ca, and deoxidation products to reduce metal oxides in steel, calcium oxide generation. Or form a low melting point compound with other oxides that is easy to float in the steel, that is, the oxide denaturation of Ca, thereby reducing the oxide in the steel, purifying the liquid steel, and improving the purity of the steel. Solid core silicon calcium wire has the characteristics of easy control, easy preservation, low calcium treatment cost and stable calcium treatment effect.


According to different use conditions, the selected type of core-coated wire is different, common solid core core-coated wire, metal core-coated wire, silicon calcium wire, carbon wire, etc., these products have their own different characteristics. The application of silicon calcium wire in steel smelting is also very extensive, and it has a good effect when used.



Classification of alloy cored wire:

  1. Divided by section shape:

There are circular (line diameter 5-9mm) and rectangular (16mmx7mm, 12mmx2mm);


  1. By core type:

There are single, compound, a variety of single mixing, etc.;


  1. By outlet type:

There are external type and internal shaft type;


  1. By forming method:

There are overlapping type, welding type and bite type;


  1. Divided by core material state:

There are loose and integral shape (powder extrusion).


  1. Divided by core material:

1) Calcium silicon wire, calcium silicon manganese calcium wire, calcium silicon barium wire, calcium silicon barium aluminum wire, calcium aluminum wire, calcium iron wire, pure calcium wire.


2) Titanium iron wire (Ti 30-70), boron iron wire (B20), carbon wire (C≥98%), sulfur iron wire, silicon zirconium wire, vanadium iron wire, molybdenum iron wire, silicon manganese wire, aluminum manganese wire, chromium iron wire, niobium iron wire, neodymium iron wire, pure iron wire.


3) Mixed rare earth wire (RE≥98%)


4) Rare earth ferro silicon wire, rare earth magnesia silicon wire, rare earth calcium magnesia ferro silicon wire, rare earth titanium magnesia ferro silicon wire, rare earth manganese magnesia ferro silicon wire, rare earth calcium magnesia ferro silicon wire, rare earth manganese magnesia ferro silicon wire, rare earth calcium magnesia ferro silicon wire.


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