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75 Ferro silicon composition standard

Release Time: 2024-04-11
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75 ferro silicon (also known as 75A ferro silicon) composition standards mainly include the following points


Silicon content (Si) :At least 75%. This is the main component of 75 ferro silicon, which determines its basic properties.


Aluminum content (Al) : At least 1.5%. The addition of aluminum helps to improve some physical and chemical properties of ferro silicon.


Calcium content (Ca) : Maximum 0.06%. The presence of calcium in the right amount has a positive effect on the properties of ferro silicon, but excess may cause problems.


Magnesium content (Mg) : Maximum 0.05%. The effect of magnesium on ferro silicon is relatively small, but controlling its content is necessary to keep the properties of ferro silicon stable.


Manganese content (Mn) : Maximum 0.25%. The addition of manganese can improve some properties of ferro silicon, but excess will adversely affect other aspects.


Phosphorus content (P) : Maximum 0.04%. Phosphorus is a common impurity in ferro silicon and needs to be controlled at low levels to avoid negative effects.


Titanium content (Ti) : Maximum 0.10%. Titanium has less effect on the properties of ferro silicon, but its content still needs to be controlled for consistency.


It should be noted that although the silicon content standard of 75 ferro silicon is at least 75%, the silicon content of ferro silicon can vary between 72% and 80% according to the standard. This is very important in understanding and applying the standard of 75 ferro silicon. In addition, the content of other trace elements such as sulfur should also be controlled at a low level to ensure the performance and quality of ferro silicon.

75 Application of ferro silicon

First, 75 ferro silicon can improve the hardness and strength of steel. Due to the high solubility of silicon in steel, adding a certain amount of ferro silicon can enhance the strength of steel, so that it has better tensile and compressive ability. At the same time, silicon can also form a solid solution with iron atoms, further enhancing the hardness of the material and making it have better wear resistance.


Secondly, 75 ferro silicon can also improve the cold and hot deformation capacity of steel. Adding an appropriate amount of ferro silicon can change the grain structure of steel and promote the formation of grain boundaries, so that the material has better deformation performance in the process of hot and cold deformation. This makes it easier to shape the steel during processing and improves the plasticity and malleability of the material.


In addition, 75 ferro silicon can also reduce the production of pores and inclusions in steel. Pores and inclusions are common defects in steel, which can lead to increased brittleness and decreased strength and toughness of the material. Adding an appropriate amount of ferro silicon can effectively control the gas precipitation, reduce the formation of pores, and prevent the formation of inclusions in the process of iron and steel melting, so as to improve the quality of the alloy.


Finally, adding 75 ferro silicon can also improve the brittleness and toughness of the alloy. The silicon element in ferro silicon has good stability and malleability, which can increase the toughness of the alloy and improve its fracture behavior. At the same time, silicon can also form stable compounds with carbon, manganese and other elements to prevent the precipitation of carbides, further improve the toughness of the alloy, so that it has better seismic performance.


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