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The use of ferro phosphorus

Release Time: 2024-01-19
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Ferro phosphorus is made by smelting phosphate rock and ferro ore in blast furnaces. It is mainly used as alloying agent and deoxidizer for special steel in metallurgical industry, used in chemical products to produce phosphate products, and can also be used as filler for metal paint production.


The use of ferro phosphorus

ferro phosphorus plays an important role in the production of steel, it is faster than the traditional ferro alloy absorption rate, so the reaction speed of ferro phosphorus is fast and the effect is good, ferro phosphorus has the advantage of rapid deoxidation, put a certain proportion of ferro phosphorus in the molten steel can play a rapid deoxidation role, can effectively save the time and cost of deoxidation, greatly improve the quality of finished steel, effectively improve the cost of enterprises. In the actual use of ferro phosphorus in the process of ferro phosphorus also has the application of slag collector, can effectively gather the oxides in the molten steel, effectively filter the impurities in the molten steel to improve the purity of molten steel! The melting speed of phosphorus and ferro in molten steel is fast and evenly divided, which shorens the deoxidation inlet and improves the efficiency of steelmaking. The recovery rate of phosphorus and ferro is high, which can be reused and reduce the labor intensity

Card Chemical composition (%)
P Si C S Mn
Not more than
FeP24 23–25 3 1.0 0.05 2.0
FeP21 20–23 3 1.0 0.05 2.0
FeP18 17–20 3 1.0 0.05 2.0
FeP16 15–17 3 1.0 0.05 2.0

The role of phosphorus ferro:

1) Increase the fluidity of hot metal.

2) In smelting, increase the phosphorus content and use as an additive.

3) In steelmaking, it can make steel resistant to atmospheric corrosion.

4) ferro phosphorus is used as an alloy additive and deoxidizer in metallurgy.

In general steel products, phosphorus is a harmful ingredient, but in some special products, the addition of phosphorus can improve the performance of some aspects of steel. Ferric phosphate is widely used in rolls, automotive cylinder liners, engine rollers and large casting parts to increase the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of mechanical parts.

Production method:

1) Closed reduction furnace (ore furnace) method: The reduction furnace method uses carbon as a reducing agent to reduce ore to produce ferro alloy. The charge is added into the furnace and the electrode is inserted in the charge. The submerged arc reduction smelting operation is carried out by the electric negative arc heat generated by the arc and the current passing through the charge. The molten metal and slag are gathered at the bottom of the furnace, and the ferro and slag are discharged regularly through the ferro outlet, and the production process is continuous.

2) Production of yellow phosphorus by-products: every 1t of yellow phosphorus by-products of ferro phosphorus about 100kg. Phosphorus ferro generally contains 70% ferro, containing phosphorus 22%-26%, but also contains a small amount of manganese, vanadium, silicon and so on.


The composition of phosphorus and ferro

It is mainly composed of ferro, phosphorus and a few other elements. Other small amounts of elements are nickel, chromium and so on. The content of phosphorus generally reaches 3%-8%, while the content of ferro is mainly between 90%-95%. In addition, phosphorus ferro also contains some other elements, the content is generally between 0.2% and 0.5%. These elements include manganese, chromium, molybdenum, aluminum, tin, and more.

The properties of ferro phosphate depend on the complex combination of its components. The higher the content of ferro, the higher the hardness of ferro phosphate; The higher the phosphorus content, the higher the toughness of ferro phosphorus, in addition, ferro phosphorus in the storage, transportation and treatment process will produce a certain oxidation, thereby changing its composition.


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