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Application of silicon calcium slag for casting in alloys

Release Time: 2024-01-25
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With the development of the iron and steel industry, steel production is constantly accumulating and increasing, but also with the production of a large number of steel slag. Which includes silicon calcium slag, silicon calcium slag refers to a slag produced in the process of steelmaking because of the addition of a certain amount of calcium oxide and silicon oxide. Silicon calcium slag can be widely used in construction production and smelting, and is also an important steel slag resource.


Formation of silica-calcium slag

In the process of steelmaking, according to different steel types and needs, steel mills usually add a certain amount of calcium oxide and silicon dioxide to the steelmaking furnace, which can react with other substances in the slag to produce silicon calcium slag. The formation of silicon calcium slag can be some changes in important components, for example, after adding calcium oxide and silicon dioxide, the carbon content of hot metal will be reduced, and the calcium-containing substance in the slag can be separated, so that the slag can remove the effective calcium-containing part, and improve the quality and composition of the molten steel.

Properties of silica-calcium slag

The main components of silica-calcium slag are calcium oxide and silicon oxide. Silica-calcium slag has some unique properties

  1. High hardness: The hardness of silicon calcium slag is high, the whole is not easy to break, and it also has high temperature resistance and wear resistance.
  2. Light weight: the density of silicon calcium slag is low, 30%-40% lighter than hot metal, and it is more convenient to use.
  3. Adhesion: With high shear strength and viscosity, it can be effectively bonded with other materials.
  4. High chemical stability: the chemical stability of silicon calcium slag is particularly high, and it can be stored and used for a long time without causing pollution to the environment.
  5. High expansibility: silicon calcium slag will expand 4-5 times at high temperature, which can prevent steel silicon segregation and ensure the quality and composition of molten steel.


In the process of steel production, the separation of silicon and calcium slag can improve the quality and composition of molten steel, and also make full use of steel slag resources to strengthen sustainable development.


Silicon and calcium slag is an indispensable auxiliary material in steel, ironmaking, metallurgy and other industries, mainly used in steel refining, converter injection, electric furnace smelting and other processes. Silicon calcium slag can play the role of desulfurization, dephosphorization, degassing, reducing slag adhesion, improve the quality of molten steel, and reduce the production cost.


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