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The role of silicon carbide in casting

Release Time: 2024-03-12
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Silicon carbide is an emerging non-metallic functional material, which has the advantages of high hardness, corrosion resistance, high temperature stability, good oxidation resistance, wear resistance, etc., so it is widely used in aviation, construction, machinery, electronics, chemical industry and other fields. Among them, the application of silicon carbide in the field of casting is increasing.


Application of silicon carbide in casting

The silicon carbide component for casting generally refers to the additive of silicon carbide particles, which is mixed with loose sand in the mold to make casting sand for the mold, mold, core, etc., in the casting process. Casting silicon carbide components can improve the surface quality of casting parts, improve mechanical properties and heat resistance, reduce defect generation rate, improve production efficiency and economic benefits.


The effect of silicon carbide in casting

  • Improve the surface quality of casting parts: the addition of silicon carbide can better fill the mold holes and sand holes, reduce the cracks and defects on the surface of the casting, so as to improve the surface quality.


  • Improve mechanical properties: Adding an appropriate amount of silicon carbide particles to the casting can increase strength and hardness and improve mechanical properties.


  • Improve heat resistance: The high temperature stability of silicon carbide can effectively prevent casting deformation and melting, and improve heat resistance.


  • Reduce the defect generation rate: the addition of silicon carbide can effectively control the defects such as pores, inclusions and shrinkage holes in the casting, and reduce the defect generation rate.


Advantages of casting silicon carbide

  1. High hardness and strength

Cast silicon carbide hardness and strength is very high, can resist high temperature, high pressure, heavy load and other environments, and is not prone to wear and corrosion problems, so in the manufacturing of high-precision mechanical equipment and high-performance parts, cast silicon carbide has obvious advantages.


  1. High temperature stability

Casting silicon carbide materials can also maintain stable performance at high temperatures, if it is applied to high temperature melting and other fields, can significantly improve work efficiency and production quality.


  1. Excellent thermal conductivity

Cast silicon carbide has good thermal conductivity, which allows it to withstand higher energy density in some high temperature environments, further improving the performance and efficiency of the equipment.


The development trend of silicon carbide in casting field

With the continuous development of casting technology and the accumulation of silicon carbide application experience, silicon carbide components for casting will be more and more widely used in various casting fields, including automotive, machinery, aviation, shipbuilding and other industries. At the same time, the control technology of silicon carbide particle size, shape and distribution will also be more mature, and the performance and effect of silicon carbide components for casting will be further optimized.


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