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Production advantages of silicon carbide alloy balls

Release Time: 2024-03-11
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What are silicon carbide balls?

Silicon carbide ball is a new type of deoxidizer, which shortens the deoxidation time, saves energy, improves the efficiency of steelmaking, reduces the consumption of raw materials, reduces environmental pollution, improves working conditions, and has important value for improving the comprehensive economic benefits of electric furnace.



The raw material of silicon carbide ball

The raw material of silicon carbide ball mainly includes two components: carbon and silicon. Among them, carbon is usually used as a raw material of graphite or graphite powder, and silica needs to choose a high-purity silicon powder or silicon wafer. In the preparation process, carbon and silicon will react at high temperatures to form silicon carbide materials, and form silicon carbide balls under the corresponding process conditions.



The advantages of silicon carbide balls:

  • Useful metal oxides are reduced to metal in steel is absorbed, reduce the loss of molten steel, improve production.
  • The reaction heat generated during the oxidation of silicon carbide can reduce the amount of electricity used and shorten the operation time.
  •  In the production of manganese steel, chromium steel process, can reduce the loss of manganese, chromium.


Silicon carbide ball deoxidizer

Silicon carbide ball is mainly used in electric furnace and cupola, as a deoxidizer, used in casting and steelmaking industry (special steel, stainless steel, T iron, G iron, K iron and other factories can be used), improve the temperature in the furnace, shorten the melting time, improve steel production, play a role in carbonizing, deoxidation, silicon, heating, etc., can also be used as a substitute for ferro silicon, And in the furnace will not produce dust pollution, reaction speed, low cost, is a new way in the process of steelmaking.


Hardness of silicon carbide ball

Silicon carbide ball is a very hard material, its hardness value can usually reach 2400 to 3000 on the Mohs hardness meter. In fact, the hardness of this material is about 20 times that of steel, which is nearly twice that of important steel materials such as tungsten steel and cemented carbide. Its hardness value can exceed that of other traditional ceramic materials, such as alumina, boron nitride and tungsten carbide. Therefore, silicon carbide balls are often used as diamond abrasives and are widely used in polishing, grinding, cutting and other fields.



Preparation method of silicon carbide ball

There are many methods for preparing silicon carbide balls, some of which are common including vapor deposition, thermal decomposition and so on. The following is a detailed description of these methods:

  1. Vapor deposition method

Vapor deposition is a method of producing silicon carbide spheres in carrier gas by vapor deposition reaction. The specific step is to mix silicone gas and methane gas at high temperatures and generate silicon carbide spheres through gas phase reaction. The silicon carbide ball prepared by this method has uniform size, regular shape and high surface finish, and is suitable for microelectronics and other high-tech fields.

  1. Thermal decomposition method

Thermal decomposition method is also commonly used to prepare silicon carbide balls. In this method, the mixture of silicon and carbon is treated at high temperature to produce thermal decomposition reaction and generate silicon carbide balls. This method has low cost, simple operation and is suitable for mass production of silicon carbide balls.


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