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Silica-calcium-barium inoculant product functions

Release Time: 2024-04-17
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1. Silica-barium calcium-aluminum inoculant strongly increases the graphitized core, refines graphite, promotes A-type graphite in gray cast iron and improves strength. For nodular cast iron can make the graphite ball in nodular iron small, round, improve the nodularity grade.


2. can effectively reduce the supercooling of hot metal, promote the precipitation of graphite, significantly reduce the white tendency, reduce the relative hardness, improve the machining performance of castings.


3.  than the general inoculant is easy to dissolve and absorb, can reduce the gas content in hot metal.


4. the anti-recession ability is strong, the anti-recession time is twice as long as 75SI, its addition amount is lower than half of the 75 ferro silicon inoculant, while preventing the associated nodular decline, the wall thickness sensitivity is small, the organization is uniform.


Packaging :25kg woven bag and 1000kg ton bag, can also be packaged according to user requirements grain size: can be provided according to different inoculation methods 0-1mm,1-3mm,3-8mm, can also be processed according to the granularity range required by users.



The preparation method of silica-calcium-barium inoculant comprises the following steps:

(1) The chromium alloy, silicon calcium, phosphide broken into 2-6mm particles, as usual 1500∶2500∶5 mixed;


(2) The resulting mixture is melted for 5 minutes at 1500℃ and then cooled;


(3) The obtained cooled mixture and manganese vanadium nitride are atomized into powder according to the mass ratio of 2000∶1000;


(4) Add paraffin wax to the obtained powder and press it into a lump under 15-600Mpa pressure;


(5) In a nitrogen protected high-temperature furnace, the made blocks are sintered in a multi-component system to obtain the sintered mixture;


(6) Mechanical mixing method is used to mix and break the sintered mixture with silicon barium alloy according to the mass ratio of 1000∶100.


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