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Silicon carbide ball production technology

Release Time: 2024-01-23
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Silicon carbide ball is a kind of high-performance wear-resistant material, with high hardness, high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and so on. Widely used in abrasives, ceramics, electronics, aerospace, heavy industry and other fields.


Raw material selection of silicon carbide ball

The raw materials for the production of silicon carbide balls are purified carbon and high purity silicon oxide powder. Among them, carbon with more than 92% desulfurization and phosphorus removal metallurgical coke as the main raw material, silicon oxide powder needs to use high-purity silicon oxide powder.


Silicon carbide ball production process

Silicon carbide ball production process mainly includes the following steps:

1, raw material preparation: the purified carbon and high purity silicon oxide powder mixed evenly.

2, the mixture heating: the mixture into the carbonization furnace, heating at high temperature, so that the mixture reaction to produce silicon carbide.

3,Spheroidizing treatment: The carbonized silicon is processed into the required particle size by the ball mill, and then placed into the spheroidizing furnace for spheroidizing treatment.

4, heat treatment: the spheroidized silicon carbide ball into the high temperature furnace for heat treatment, so that the silicon carbide molecules more dense, improve product quality.

5, packaging: After heat treatment, the product is graded through the screen, and the products that meet the requirements are sealed and packaged in plastic bags.

Silicon carbide ball production equipment

Silicon carbide ball production equipment mainly includes carbonization furnace, spherical furnace, screen machine and packaging machine.

Among them, carbonization furnace is one of the key equipment for the production of silicon carbide balls, and the control of its temperature and reaction atmosphere has an important influence on the quality and output of the product. The spherical furnace is responsible for removing the surface roughness and pilling of the carbonized silicon, and improving the yield and quality of the finished product.


Product performance characteristics of silicon carbide ball

Silicon carbide ball has the following product performance characteristics:

1, high hardness: the hardness of silicon carbide ball can reach 2600-2800kg/mm², ranking top in the world.

2, high wear resistance: silicon carbide ball is an excellent wear-resistant material, can be widely used in abrasive, grinding, cutting and other fields.

3, high corrosion resistance: silicon carbide ball has good acid and alkali resistance, oil corrosion resistance and other characteristics, is an excellent chemical material.

4, high temperature resistance: silicon carbide ball still has good physical and chemical stability in high temperature environment.


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