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Slag remover for casting

Release Time: 2024-04-09
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The main function of casting slagging agent is to aggregate and bond the slag on the surface of hot metal, which is a convenient product for the slag cleaning treatment work, and also has the effect of covering the surface of hot metal to reduce oxidation, reduce the temperature loss of hot metal and prevent the production of new molten slag.


Slag removal agent is a more important auxiliary material in the casting industry, and its performance is directly related to the cleanliness of hot metal and affects the quality of castings. At present, the slag removal agents used in the casting industry are straw ash, fly ash, quartz sand, clay powder, etc., but mainly perlite ore is broken and screened, and is directly used as a casting slag removal agent. This is the main slag removal agent product used as an alternative to the industrial production of straw ash.

Perlite is expanded and melted by heat on the surface of hot metal, and bonded with the slag on the surface of hot metal to form a slag-collecting covering layer. The slag collecting and covering effect of the slag removal agent used in casting is better than that of straw ash and fly ash. However, the strength of the slag collecting layer is not enough, the adhesion to the dissolved slag is not strong enough, and it is easy to break during the slag scraping. The cracking of raw perlite on the surface of molten iron will cause splashing, and some unexpanded particles are easy to enter the mold cavity from the gate and cause slag inclusion defects.
With perlite raw ore as the main component, the slag removal agent product composed of glass slag, carbonized rice husk, firebrick debris, electric furnace ash and other components has improved some deficiencies of perlite raw ore to a certain extent, but has brought some adverse effects such as sulfur and phosphorus recovery. In general, the performance of perlite improved products has been improved, but the main body is still perlite raw ore, and failed to make a qualitative leap in the product.

The beneficial effect of casting slag removal agent is that pre-expanded perlite expands slightly after pre-expanded treatment, the density is greatly reduced, and the capillary pores are increased, which can improve the melting rate of slag removal agent, slag collection efficiency and thermal insulation effect of hot metal. Compared with pure perlite slag removal agent, casting slag removal agent with its main component has large viscosity and fast melting. It can fully adsorb sulfide and surface slag in molten iron, and is convenient for slag cleaning operation.

The reaction is rapid, the expansion is fast, and it can be quickly diffused to completely cover the liquid level after sowing, saving the slag removal time; High slag removal strength, can gather slag piles, easy to pull out or pick out the slag;

The amount is small, the iron binding loss is also low; No sticky bag, no wall hanging; Reduce work intensity; There is a large difference between the surface tension and the surface tension of molten iron, which reduces the iron loss in the slagging process and does not change the composition of molten iron.
The use method is simple and does not require special operating equipment; Little dust, no air, friendly working environment, reduce the risk of occupational diseases;
It can greatly reduce the sulfur return and slag inclusion iron loss of molten steel; And the use of waste sand and iron ore tailings belongs to the resource utilization of waste.


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