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The importance of silicon slag in the alloy market

Release Time: 2023-12-05
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Definition and composition of silicon slag

Silicon slag refers to the impurities or wastes left after the processing or melting of silicon materials in metallurgy, construction and other industries. Its main components are not completely reduced silicon, oxides and impurities, of which silicon oxide (SiO2) and impurities content is higher. The color of silicon slag is generally dark gray or black, hard texture, and it is not easy to melt and resistant to acid and alkali corrosion.

Brand Chemical composition%
silicon carbon sulfur phosphorus water Granularity
silicon slag 50-55 3-8 0.05 0.05 2 100kgf

The source of silicon slag

Silicon slag comes from the waste produced in the processing or smelting of silicon ore, ferro silicon, silicon alloy and other raw materials. In industrial production, the amount of silicon slag is quite large, if not treated, it will bring greater pollution and harm to the environment.


The use of silicon slag

1, silicon slag alloy can be used for purification and other processes

Silicon slag alloy can participate in the purification process of other ferro alloy products, which can effectively improve the purity of silicon elements of ferro alloy products, so that the product is better quality and better effect!


2, silicon slag alloy has the effect of effectively improving the furnace temperature

Adding silicon slag alloy in steelmaking has the effect of increasing the furnace temperature, which can provide a stable and high temperature environment for smelting materials, so that smelting is more thorough and smelting effect is better!


The importance of silicon slag in modern industry

Silicon slag plays an important role in modern industry. It is not only an important metallurgical raw material, but also an important role in environmental protection, new materials and other fields, and its wide range of uses and diversity of application fields make it a part of modern industry that cannot be ignored.

Specification and packaging of silicon slag ball:

Product specification: 20-50mm.

Product packaging: can be packaged according to customer requirements. Commonly used packaging for 20kg/bag, 25kg/bag, 100kg/bag, 1000kg/bag, tons of bags can be wrapped film, can be added to the tray.



Extraction process of silicon slag

The silicon slag treatment process is used to deal with a large amount of silicon slag produced in the process of acid hydrolysis and silicon removal after the alkali melt or sinter in the production of zirconium chemical products. Specifically, the silicon slag is naturally dried or dried below 110℃, so that its moisture content is below 30% and crushed, and then a certain proportion of water is added to clean, collect the cleaning liquid by concentrating crystallization or neutralizing precipitation with alkaline substances or hydrolyzing precipitation separation to produce zirconium chemical products; The washed silicon slag is further separated into unreacted zircon sand and used as high quality low iron and low titanium zircon sand raw material. The separated silicon slag is dried and dehydrated, and then crushed to produce silica acid and white carbon black. The above process can effectively treat silicon slag, produce zirconium chemical products, silicic acid or white carbon black and recover zircon sand, transform silicon slag into products with high value, so that harmful waste can be treated and utilized.



Species distinction

In fact, there are two kinds of silicon slag, one is manual or machine processing into the standard 10-60 particle size, leaving 0-3 or 3-8 small particle size ferro silicon slag. There is also a kind of scum floating on the furnace during the smelting process when the metal silicon is smelted. This is called metallic silicon slag. The by-products of the production of metal silicon are also grass ash silicon, furnace bottom silicon, hand-picked silicon, edge silicon, silicon carbide and other silicon waste.


The silicon content of ferro silicon slag is not high, and it is usually used as a washing furnace to open the furnace or sprinkle a layer on the bottom of the ladle to play an isolation role. Today, we will focus on metal silicon slag. Because the content of metal silicon slag is relatively high, there are several contents such as, it can be seen that the content of metal silicon slag can actually reach the content of iron silicon, and the price of metal silicon slag is much cheaper than iron silicon. So now the market began to use some metal silicon slag instead of iron silicon.


Metal silicon slag contains a large number of metal silicon and other elements, so it is a good deoxidizer, in the molten steel deoxidation and purification of molten steel have a good effect, in addition to its low price, the effect is good, so for some steel mills, it is also a good choice to reduce cost and increase efficiency. On this basis, a better silicon ball has been further developed. The silicon ball is made by pressing silicon slag with a ball press. When in use, it is easier to react with liquid steel than metal silicon slag. Oxidation with air is avoided. It’s a product that works better than metallic silicon slag.


The particle size of metal silicon slag production is mainly powder, the particle size is 0-5 and 0-10, when packaging, you can choose small bag packaging, you can also directly ton bag plus small bag. Silicon balls are produced in standard sizes 10-50. Of course, manufacturers can also customize some indicators according to procurement needs. This requires to choose a larger, well-known, production equipment and workshop manufacturers when purchasing.

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What are the characteristics of different types of silicon slag:

The content of silicon slag is generally 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, the use of different content of silicon slag is different, silicon slag can be generally divided into industrial silicon slag, solar silicon slag, semiconductor silicon slag, etc.

First, the silicon content of silicon slag 60 is 60%, and the main use is to use as a deoxidizer in the steelmaking process. Silicon slag 60 compared with ordinary ferro alloy products has a congenital advantage, its factory price is lower, the deoxidation effect is good, can be used by manufacturers to replace ferro silicon, silicon metal and other relatively expensive products, the use of silicon slag 60 can reduce the production cost of the manufacturer, reduce the deoxidation time and improve the efficiency of steelmaking, the use of silicon slag 60 in steelmaking can increase the furnace temperature, Increase the recovery rate of steelmaking;

Second, silicon slag 50 silicon element content is about 50%, silicon slag 50 factory price relative to other traditional ferro alloy products economical, can be used in deoxidation, casting, steelmaking and other industries, the use of silicon slag 50 in the process of production can reduce production costs to do tight resource recycling, shorten the deoxidation time, improve the efficiency of steelmaking;

Third, silicon slag 40 is the silicon content of 40% of the raw ore after the remaining part of the ferro alloy manufacturers refining, silicon slag 40 is an important metallurgical material used in purification and recrystallization, silicon slag manufacturers often use silicon slag 40 back and forth with pig iron, ordinary casting, silicon slag prices are low, but can improve the furnace temperature to increase the fluidity of hot metal, is a good metallurgical material.