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The coke market is stable and strong

Release Time: 2023-09-18
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In terms of supply, considering that the downstream demand is better, and the price of coking coal at the raw material end is still rising slightly, the cost support of coke is still in, coke production is more normal, the shipment is smooth, the inventory in the factory is more to maintain a low operation, some coke enterprises with the profit repair, the willingness to increase production is further enhanced, and the mainstream of Shanxi Province is 2000-2100 yuan/ton.

On the demand side, the steel mill starts to maintain high stability, the blast furnace utilization rate is higher, the coke inventory in the plant continues to fall, maintain low operation, the demand for coke is still good, and the replenishing inventory is positive, but considering the steel prices continue to fall, and the steel mill profits are not good, the steel mill is resistant to the coke price.

In terms of port, the spot of port coke is temporarily stable, traders are more enthusiastic about shipping, and the intention of port collection is low, and the current mainstream spot export price of quasi-first-class metallurgical coke at the port is 2100-2150 yuan/ton.

Overall, the recent steel mill prices are low, and many rough steel flat control policy is basically implemented, with the steel mill profit contraction, coke prices continue to increase resistance to increase, but considering the steel blast furnace is still in the resumption of production, steel stock replenish demand, positive reception, coupled with steel coke inventory is low, the demand for coke is not reduced, is expected in the short term coke market or stable strong operation. In the later stage, it is necessary to continue to pay attention to the impact of macro policies, transportation conditions, coke inventory changes, coke supply and demand, raw coal price trends, steel mill stoppage and production reduction, and coke steel profits on the coke market.


The coke market is stable and strong


The coke market is stable and strong