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The role of silicon calcium alloy powder

Release Time: 2024-04-22
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Silicon calcium powder has a good oxidation capacity, and its deoxidation effect is very strong. It is an alloy powder composed of silicon and calcium, which plays an important role in iron and steel smelting. Silicon alloy not only has a strong deoxidation ability, the deoxidation products are easy to float, so that they can be discharged well, but also improve the performance of steel, improve the plasticity, impact toughness and fluidity of steel.


At present, it can replace aluminum for final deoxidation. It has been used in the production of steel, special steels and special alloys. Like rail steel, low carbon steel, stainless steel and other steel grades, as well as special alloys such as nickel base alloy and titanium base alloy, silicon calcium alloy can be used as a deoxidizer. At the same time, it is also suitable for use as a warming agent for the converter steel workshop, and can also be used as a inoculant of cast iron and an additive in the production of ductile iron.



The role of silicon calcium powder in steelmaking

Both the silicon and calcium in the silicon calcium powder can react with the oxygen in the liquid steel to form an oxide floating on the surface of the liquid steel for easy removal. The calcium in the silicon calcium powder can also react with sulfur impurities in the liquid steel, which has a certain purification effect on the liquid steel. After the addition of silicon calcium powder to the liquid steel, it also reduces the pollution of the liquid steel and reduces the infiltration of impurities, which has a good upgrading effect on the steel.


Silicon-calcium alloy powder has many other advantages in the steelmaking process. Firstly, the addition of Silicon-calcium alloy powder can reduce the melting point of slag and improve the performance of slag. Secondly, Silicon-calcium alloy powder can form a granular structure in the liquid steel, which is conducive to the flow and mixing of the liquid steel. Moreover, the silicon calcium alloy powder can also improve the stability and oxidation resistance of liquid steel, and also has a certain effect on improving the quality of steel.


There are also some points that need attention in the use of Silicon-calcium alloy powder. First of all, the addition of Silicon-calcium alloy powder needs to control the time and temperature, otherwise it will affect the deoxidation effect. Secondly, the amount of Silicon-calcium alloy powder added also needs to be adjusted according to the composition of the liquid steel to achieve the best deoxidation effect. In addition, the quality of silicon calcium alloy powder is also very important, it is necessary to choose the products produced by regular manufacturers, so as not to affect the steelmaking process and steel quality.



Detailed explanation of the production process of silicon calcium powder


First, raw material preparation

The raw materials of calcium Siliconte powder mainly include calcium Siliconte, limestone, silicon oxide and so on. In the production process, the raw materials need to be screened, weighed and mixed to ensure the quality and stability of the raw materials.


Second, sintering preparation

  1. The main method of preparing calcium Siliconte powder is high temperature sintering, and the main equipment includes firing furnace, rotary kiln, etc. In the sintering process, the temperature and atmosphere need to be strictly controlled to ensure product quality and stability.
  2. After sintering is completed, cooling treatment should be carried out to reduce product temperature and reduce cracks and damage.


Third, dry treatment

  1. The sintered Silicon calcium powder needs to be dried to remove surface moisture and impurities and improve product quality.
  2. Drying equipment mainly includes hot blast stove, vacuum drying oven, etc., which should be operated in accordance with strict operating rules to avoid product pollution and damage.


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