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Advantages of efficient slag remover

Release Time: 2024-04-19
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 1.Slag removal and slag blocking: efficient slag removal agent can be used for ladle, tundish and electric furnace. After spray gun or manual spraying uniform melt surface, small agitation can be quickly polymerized into a solution and metal skull easily separated, skull peel to obtain pure solution, to avoid casting slag, improve quality, save artificial slag, reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency.


2.Covering insulation: a low effective thermal conductivity to form the molten metal solution can reduce heat loss on the surface of good insulation. This is an excellent thermal insulation covering agent for intermediate subcontracting or metal material solution that needs to be parked for a long time.


 3. Green environmental protection: clean efficiency of molten metal pollution, no penetration, does not affect its chemical composition and mechanical properties of castings. No smoke, no dust and harmful gas pollution, can purify the social environment, civilized development of production.


4. Dosage: The dosage of high efficiency slagging agent is 1~3kg/T metal solution, which can be increased or decreased according to the size of the melting area, temperature and the impurity content of the molten metal.



The difference between refining agent and slag removal agent

Different appearance

The refining agent usually appears as a white powder or particle, while the slag removal agent usually appears as a black or dark gray powder.


Different composition

The main components of the refining agent are metal elements such as silicon and aluminum, while the main components of the slag removal agent are inorganic substances such as bentonite and silicate.


Different function

The refining agent is used to reduce the oxygen content in the molten steel and improve the purity and quality of the molten steel, while the slag removal agent is used to remove the oxides and impurities on the surface of the molten steel to ensure the purity of the surface of the molten steel.

The usage scenario is different. The refining agent is used in the refining phase of molten steel, while the slag removal agent is used in the initial smelting phase



Types of slag remover

  1. Silicon carbide slag removal agent: silicon carbide is a common slag removal agent raw materials, has a good slag removal effect, can accelerate the loss of slag scale on the metal surface.


  1. High temperature agent slagging agent: high temperature agent slagging agent is mainly by increasing the temperature of the metal surface to accelerate the slagging off, with a good slag removal effect.


  1. Rare earth alloy slag removal agent: rare earth alloy slag removal agent can effectively reduce the content of oxides, silicates and other slag scale on the metal surface, and improve the quality and performance of metal products.


  1. Aluminum excess slag remover: Aluminum excess slag remover is mainly a special slag remover developed for copper, iron, magnesium and other metal materials, which can effectively reduce the amount and content of slag scale produced on the metal surface.


  1. Self-absorbing slagging agent: Self-absorbing slagging agent is a new type of slagging agent, which can absorb and decompose the slag scale that can not be removed before through the absorption of the metal surface, and improve the quality and performance of metal materials.


There are various kinds of slag removal agents, and the applicable objects are very wide, and different kinds of slag removal agents play an important role in different industries and processes. For all kinds of slag and scale problems in the process of metal processing, slag removal agent provides an efficient solution, which can effectively improve the quality and performance of metal products, reduce production costs and resource waste.


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