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What are the classification of alloy cored wire

Release Time: 2023-12-29
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Product types: silicon calcium coated core, iron calcium coated core, aluminum calcium coated core, rare earth coated core, carbon coated core and so on.

Standard: Diameter 9 mm, diameter 13 mm, diameter 16 mm

Production capacity: annual production of 4000 tons, can be processed according to user needs.

Quality: solid coating, no powder leakage, no crack, no line, no empty bag, no empty bag, smooth surface without oil.


Alloy Core wire Features:

1,.the alloy cored wire is conducive to adjusting and controlling the content of easily oxidized elements and trace elements, which can greatly fluctuate and improve the power, reduce the exercise cost, shorten the exercise time, and accurately control to 10,000.

2. the alloy core-coated wire can play a pure steel and some changes in the shape of the adulterant properties, improve the quality of molten steel.

3.There are two kinds of alloy core-wrapped wire: extraction type and external type.

Use: Alloy cored wire is suitable for steelmaking and casting.


Alloy Core wire product specifications

ID Alloy cored wire Chemical composition% Wire diameter(mm) Line thickness(mm) Line weight Powder weight homogeneity%
SiCa Si55Ca28 13.0 0.4 170 230 2.5-5
CaFe Si55Ca28 13.0 0.4 170 210 2.5-5
Ca Ca28-35 13.0 0.4 170 240 2.5-5
SiCaBa Si55Ca15Ba15 13.0 0.4 170 220 2.5-5
C Si35-40Al 12-16


13.0 0.4 170 215 2.5-5
SiCaBaAl Si30-45Ca9-14 13.0 0.35 150 250 2.5-5



Alloy core-wire use

Alloy core-wire is mainly used in steelmaking, which can purify the form of steel inclusions, play a role in purifying liquid steel and partially changing the properties and forms of inclusions, improve the quality of molten steel, improve the casting state, improve the castability of molten steel, improve the service performance of steel, and significantly improve the yield of alloy, reduce alloy consumption, and reduce the cost of steelmaking.

Because it is beneficial to adjust and control the content of easily oxidized elements and trace elements, it can greatly improve the yield of alloy, reduce the smelting cost, shorten the smelting time and control the composition.


Alloy Core wire specifications:

(1) Wire diameter: 13-13.5mm.

(2) Steel thickness: 0.4mm 0.2mm.

(3) Powder content: 225g/m 10g/m

(4) Powder/steel: 60/40.

(5) Wire length: 5000-5500m.

(6) Coil weight: 1000-1800kgs.

(7) Coil width: 600-800 mm

(8) Wire winding: horizontal

(9) Packaging: in a plastic covered steel cage

  1. Vertical coils in steel cages on wooden (or steel) pallets, plastic shrink wrap, marking. Or according to customer requirements
  2. The core wire is first packed with steel tape, then wrapped with waterproof plastic film and protected with steel cage, and then put on the outer packaging.

Detailed understanding of Alloy cored wire production process flow

Raw material selection

The preparation of alloy cored wire requires the selection of high-quality metal materials, commonly used materials are copper, nickel, titanium and other alloys. These materials have good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and plasticity, and are suitable for the preparation of high-quality alloy cored wire.


The preparation of alloy core-coated wire


  1. The first step in the preparation of the alloy cored wire is to process the metal material into a fine wire and cool it by a radiator.


  1. Roll the prepared fine wire into a coil, and inject protective gas between the coils to reduce the possibility of metal oxidation.


  1. Put the coil into the furnace and sintering, so that the metal particles are combined into a solid, forming the main body of the alloy cored wire.


Drawing treatment


Through continuous drawing and cooling process, the diameter of the prepared alloy core-wire is gradually reduced, while its hardness and strength are enhanced, and its electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance are improved.


Polishing treatment


There will be some uneven defects on the surface of the alloy core-wire after drawing treatment, and it needs to be polished to make its surface smooth.


Final inspection and packaging

The prepared alloy core-wire needs to be inspected to check whether its size, hardness, strength and electrical conductivity are up to standard. After passing the test, it is classified and packaged to ensure its quality and application effect.


In summary, the production process of alloy cored wire includes the selection of raw materials, the preparation of alloy cored wire, drawing and polishing. These links are very critical, need great attention and careful operation, in order to prepare high-quality alloy cored wire, to provide a better choice for applications in various industries.


Alloy covered core sort

Alloy covered core wires include: calcium silicate covered core wire, ferrotitanium covered core wire, iron boride covered core wire, calcium silicate covered core wire, rare earth silicon covered core wire, rare earth silicon magnesia covered core wire, barium silicate covered core wire, calcium silicate barium aluminum covered core wire, magnesium metal covered core wire, calcium iron covered core wire, calcium aluminum covered core wire, rare earth magnesia silicon covered core wire, carbon covered core wire, etc