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Application of silicon carbon ball in steelmaking industry

Release Time: 2024-02-20
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Silicon carbon ball is an alloy composed of silicon and carbon, also known as high-carbon silicon, that is, iron silicon with a large carbon content. The silicon-carbon alloy is broken into raw materials such as silicon powder according to the ratio, and pressed into balls to make it more in line with steel casting. Compared with other deoxidizers, silicon carbon ball has the advantages of non-volatilization, suitable smelting temperature, strong reduction ability, etc., so it is more and more widely used in iron and steel smelting.


Silicon carbon ball is one of the most widely used smelting materials, which can play a good role in deoxidation inoculation, and can also be used as a reducing agent. It can optimize the quality of molten steel and improve the quality of products. Reduce the amount of alloy added, reduce the cost of steelmaking, increase economic benefits, and reduce the labor intensity of workers.


The role of silicon carbon balls:

1, Deoxidation, the use of silicon carbon balls in the steelmaking industry can reduce the deoxidation time by 10~30%, silicon and oxygen have a very stable affinity, can generate silica.

2, Silicon carbon ball can quickly reduce the oxygen content in molten steel, invisibly reduce the oxide in molten steel, improve the purity of molten steel to improve the quality of steel, so silicon carbon ball also has the application of reducing smelting slag.

3, The use of silicon carbon balls in casting can play a good role in promoting the lattice of graphite, but also can promote the formation of nodular ink, improve the quality of casting, can greatly reduce the occurrence of hot metal plug.

4, Improve liquid steel flow

Silicon carbon balls also improve the fluidity of molten steel. In the process of smelting, the fluidity of molten steel is related to temperature, viscosity, surface tension and rheological properties. The silicon carbon ball can have a certain physical and chemical influence on the liquid steel, reduce its surface tension and increase its fluidity.

Silicon carbon ball production method:

When converter smelting high carbon steel, it is generally used in the process of steel flow or in the bottom of the package to add alloy and carburizing agent to complete the task of carburizing and deoxidizing alloying. Therefore, it is pressed into a ball based on 10 to 50mm, with a larger proportion, and added to the molten steel can play a deoxidation role, making the recovery rate of carbon and its stability improve, and it is also more convenient in transportation and storage.


The application field of silicon carbon balls

  1. Steel smelting

Silicon carbon ball is one of the most commonly used deoxidizing and reducing agents in iron and steel smelting, which is widely used in blast furnace, converter, electric furnace and molten steel treatment. The excellent properties of silicon carbon balls can effectively improve the quality and properties of liquid steel.

  1. Preparation of cemented carbide

Silicon carbon balls can also be used in the preparation of cemented carbide. Tungsten carbide is often composed of tungsten, cobalt, carbon and other materials, and is usually used in special occasions for cutting, grinding, drilling and other work. In the preparation of cemented carbide, the silicon carbon ball can be combined with other materials to form an alloy, which can increase the spheroidization and deflection strength of the alloy while ensuring the hard and wear properties.

3. Casting

Silicon carbon balls can also be used in casting. In the casting process, the silicon carbon ball can inhibit the pores, oxides and other defects of hot metal and castings, and reduce the defective rate of products. At the same time, the silicon carbon ball can also play the role of deoxidation and sulfur removal in the casting process, and enhance the performance of the alloy.

  1. Refractory material manufacturing

The last application area of silicon carbon balls is refractory manufacturing. Silicon carbon balls can be used in the manufacture of a variety of refractories, including alumina refractories, silicate refractories, silicon carbide refractories, etc. In the manufacturing process, the spheroidization of silicon carbon balls can improve the structure and performance of the material, and make the material more resistant to high temperature and good heat shock resistance.


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