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What is the use of metal silicon powder?

Release Time: 2024-02-21
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Metallic silicon powder is a powdery metallic silicon that is the same in composition as bulk metallic silicon. The appearance is silver gray or dark gray powder with a metallic luster. It is also an important industrial raw material, which is widely used in refractories, powder metallurgy industry and other fields.


The particle size of metallic silicon powder is usually between 10-100 microns. In the processing process, due to the different production processes and requirements, different particle sizes of metallic silicon powder may be produced. Generally speaking, the larger the number of mesh, the finer the particle size of the material; The smaller the mesh number, the larger the particle size of the material.



What are the application areas

  1. In the refractory industry

Metal silicon powder can be used to manufacture high-grade refractory materials, such as silica refractory brick, aluminum silicate refractory fiber, etc. These refractory materials have the advantages of high refractoriness, high strength and high toughness, and are widely used in iron and steel, cement, non-ferrous metal and other high temperature industrial kiln lining materials.


  1. In powder metallurgy industry

Metallic silicon powder can be used to manufacture a variety of high performance alloy materials. For example, adding metallic silicon powder to metals such as iron and nickel can significantly improve the hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the alloy. In addition, metallic silicon powder can also be used to manufacture various electronic devices, such as integrated circuits, solar panels, and so on.


The metal silicon powder particle size processing process includes the following steps:


The selected ore is broken and broken into a particle size suitable for further processing.



The crushed stone is screened to separate particles of different sizes for further grinding and processing. The screening process can be screened using a screening machine to classify particles according to specified criteria to achieve the desired quality requirements.



The particles of different sizes are sent to the crusher for crushing. Various types of mill such as ball mill, Raymond mill and ring roller mill can be selected, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. In the grinding process, it is necessary to strictly control the processing temperature and humidity and other factors to ensure that the powder quality meets the expected requirements.



In order to ensure the dryness of metal silicon powder, it is necessary to dry. The drying process needs to control parameters such as temperature and time to achieve a suitable degree of drying.



The dried metal silicon powder can be packaged and stored. Packaging materials are generally used in plastic bags, cardboard boxes, iron drums and other forms. In the packaging process, attention should be paid to sealing and moisture-proof measures to ensure product quality.


Metal silicon powder storage precautions

  1. Avoid direct sunlight: silica powder will react with ultraviolet light in sunlight to produce harmful gases such as ozone, affecting its quality and performance. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight and it is best to keep it in a cool place.
  2. Avoid moisture: metal silicon powder is very sensitive to moisture and will absorb moisture in the air, leading to caking and deterioration. Therefore, the storage environment must be kept dry.
  3. Avoid collision: In the process of handling and storage, silicon powder is easy to wear and crumble, affecting its quality and performance. Therefore, it must be handled lightly to avoid collision and vibration.
  4. Regular inspection: The storage environment of metal silicon powder should be regularly checked, whether the moisture-proof agent needs to be replaced, and whether the silicon powder has deteriorated. If problems are found, measures should be taken in time to deal with them.


Solutions to common problems

  1. Metal silicon powder becomes wet: the wet silicon powder should be dried in the dryer to remove water.
  2. Silica powder caking: The caked silica powder should be taken out and placed in the dryer for treatment, or ground into fine powder with a mortar before use.
  3. Metal silica powder oxidation: silica powder contact with the air should be avoided, and timely measures should be taken to deal with it.


In short, the environmental requirements of silicon powder storage are high, and it must be in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place. In the storage process, attention should be paid to avoid direct sunlight, moisture, collision and other situations. If there is a problem, measures should be taken in time to deal with it.


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