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How is ferro chrome nitride added to molten steel

Release Time: 2024-04-02
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Ferro chrome nitride is a kind of material used for smelting nitrogen-containing steel in electric furnace converter, which can improve the quality of steel by adding it to liquid steel, and is often used in the production and application of stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, and corrosion-resistant alloy steel.

The melting point of the soldering nitride iron is 700℃. Usually, manufacturers need to cut it into chunks weighing no more than 5kg when selling, and require that its interior can not treat significant non-metallic debris, such as customers have special requirements, can also be improved.


Ferro chrome nitride is added to the molten steel in bulk or ball form.

The specific methods of joining are as follows:


the chromium nitride is heated to the melting point, so that it becomes a liquid, usually using an electric furnace or alumina furnace for melting.



the molten chromium nitride uniformly poured onto the surface of the liquid steel, through natural immersion or mechanical mixing, so that the chromium nitride evenly distributed in the liquid steel.



After adding ferro chrome nitride, it is necessary to stir the liquid steel, so that the ferro chrome nitride is quickly and evenly dispersed in the liquid steel, which helps to improve the nitriding effect of the entire liquid steel.


Brand Chemical Component%
Cr N C Si P S
FeNCr3-A 60.0 3.0 0.03 1.5 0.03 0.04
FeNCr3-B 5.0 0.03 2.5
FeNCr6-A 3.0 0.06 1.5
FeNCr6-B 5.0 0.06 2.5
FeNCr10-A 3.0 0.10 1.5
FeNCr10-B 5.0 0.10 2.5


Loss rate of ferro chrome nitride in steelmaking process

In the application process of ferric chromium nitride, because it has a certain nitride and chromium content, loss will occur in the reaction process. According to research, the loss rate of ferro chrome nitride in steelmaking is about 2% to 5%. Different process conditions, alloy content and application methods will affect the loss rate of ferric chromium nitride.


Factors affecting the loss rate of ferro chrome nitride and methods to reduce the loss rate

Process conditions:

The process conditions of steelmaking have a certain impact on the loss rate of ferrochrome nitride, especially the furnace temperature, holding time, the addition of alloys and other factors.

Alloy content:

The higher the content of ferrochrome nitride, the higher the loss rate, so it is necessary to control its content when using.

Application mode:

There are many ways of application of ferrochrome nitride, including sprinkling and patching. The loss rate of ferrochrome nitride can be better reduced by choosing the appropriate application mode.


Reducing the loss rate of ferro chrome nitride is one of the important means to improve the economic benefit and production quality of iron and steel production. When using ferro chrome nitride, it is necessary to consider the above factors comprehensively and take appropriate measures to ensure its excellent performance and economic benefits in the steelmaking process.


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